How To Fix Google Chrome Camera Not Working Issue?

Google Chrome allows users to access the camera features for online meetings or other purposes. 

However, many users are frustrated with issues like poor-quality videos or hardware issues that hinder the overall experience. 

In this article, we will learn about the common causes behind such problems and provide solutions to fix Google Chrome Camera Not Working Issue. 

So, without waiting, let us dive right into the article.  

Causes Behind Google Chrome Camera Not Working

1. Outdated Browser And Drivers

Using an outdated version of Google Chrome or outdated drivers related to the camera can lead to compatibility issues that can hinder the user experience.

Thus, ensure to update the drivers and browser to the latest version to avoid any hassles. 

2. Malfunctioning Extensions

One of the most common reasons behind the Chrome camera issue is the use of malfunctioning extensions with the browsers that affect the output of the camera. Most such extensions are third-party in nature.  

3. Incorrect Camera Settings

Sometimes users try to customize their camera settings for a more personalized experience.

However, during the process, they tweak the settings inaccurately, which causes problems with the working of the device. In most cases, incorrect settings can lead to connection issues.

4.  Hardware Issues

A broken or faulty camera or other forms of hardware damage can also contribute to the issues related to the functionality of the camera.

Users must check for any hardware faults and get them repaired to improve the overall experience. 

5. Browser Settings

It is vital to state that users need to tweak their browser settings to cater to their needs and to allow the smooth functioning of the camera device.

These settings are vital as they grant permission to the browser to use the camera for multiple needs. 

6. Outdated Browser

The use of any outdated version of Google Chrome can contribute to the malfunction of the camera for meetings and video calls.

Thus, it is vital to update to the latest version of the browser to avoid any issues related to it. 

7. Malware Or Viruses

The presence of Malware or Viruses in your system can also affect the working of the camera in the browser.

Thus, scan your system at regular intervals for any trace of viruses and remove them to ensure protection from future threats. 

How To Fix Google Chrome Camera Not Working Issue?

Before attempting to fix the Google Chrome camera not working issue, it is advisable to check the functionality of your webcam by using a Webcam Test. This will help identify any potential problems and ensure a more effective troubleshooting process.

1. Restarting Your Computer

Follow the given steps to restart your computer to fix the camera working issues in Chrome. 

  • Close all the applications on your system including the browser and head to the start menu. 
  • Under the power tab, select Restart Your Computer. 
  • Once the system reboots, open the browser again to see if the camera issue has been resolved.

2. Clearing Cache And Cookies

Clearing up cache and cookies from Google Chrome helps to free up more resources to be utilized by the camera. Follow the steps below to fix the issue using this technique. 

  • Open Google Chrome and head to the settings menu using the three dots located on the right side of the screen. 
  • Under the list of options, locate More Tools followed by Clear Browsing Data. 
  • Tick the boxes highlighting Cookies and Cached Files and press Clear data to free up resources for the camera. 
  • Once the changes have been made, restart the browser to see if the issue has been fixed. 

3. Disabling Extensions

Third-party camera extensions can interfere with the functioning of the camera hindering the user experience. Follow the given instructions to disable the camera-related extensions on Google Chrome. 

  • Open up your browser and head to the settings using the three dots located on the right top side of the display. 
  • Head to the More Tools section followed by the Extensions tab.
  • Choose the extensions you wish to remove and click on the Remove button to save the changes.
  • Restart the browser to apply the changes. 

4. Checking Camera Settings

Sometimes, the browser settings are set to prevent access to the camera. Follow the given steps to check the camera settings. 

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your browser followed by Privacy and Safety tab. 
  • Under the Site Settings menu, choose the Camera option.
  • Allow access to the camera for the website and save the changes and check if the issue has been resolved. 

5. Testing Camera With Other Apps

You can also try testing the camera using other applications such as Zoom. Follow the given instruction to test the camera using other programs. 

  • Open any application and enable the camera to test its functioning. If the device is working properly, the fault lies with the Chrome settings. 
  • On the contrary, if the camera fails to respond, the issue may be related to hardware. You may need to contact the service center for more valuable insights. 

6. Updating Chrome Browser And Drivers

Follow the given steps to update Chrome Browser and drivers to their latest versions. 

  • Navigate to Chrome and head toward the Help section using the three-dot menu tab.
  • Head to About Chrome Section. 
  • The browser will automatically search for the latest updates and install them in your system. Make sure to be connected to a stable internet connection. 

7. Running Chrome In Safe Mode

Running the browser in safe mode can also help fix the working camera issue. Follow the given steps to enter the safe mode in Google Chrome. 

  • Close the browser and head to the Run tab using the shortcut Windows + R. 
  • Search for Chrome. exe–safe-mode and press Enter to enable the safe mode. 
  • Test the camera for the browser in safe mode to check for any faults. If the camera is working properly, the issue lies with the use of extensions or the presence of viruses or malware. 

8. Running Hardware And Device Troubleshooter

  • Head to the Settings tab on your system followed by Updates and Security. 
  • Choose the device you wish to troubleshoot. 
  • Select troubleshoot from the given options and launch the program to detect any issues with the camera. 

9. Resetting Chrome Settings To Default

  • Navigate to the Chrome Settings followed by the Advanced section. 
  • Under the Reset tab, choose to Restore Settings to Default. 
  • Restart the browser to apply the changes made. 


What Should I Do If The Camera Is Not Working In Other Browsers?

If the camera is not working in other browsers, the issue probably lies with the hardware. Users must contact their nearest service center for expert opinions and insights. 

How Do I Know If My Camera Hardware Is Damaged?

The hardware issue can be detected if the device is not working ideally with any of the applications tried by the user. 

Why Does My Camera Work With Some Apps But Not Others?

The partial functionality of the camera indicates a fault in the camera settings related to a particular application. Try restoring default settings and check if the issue has been resolved. 

Is It Safe To Reset Chrome Settings To Default?

Yes, it is safe to reset Chrome settings to default. It also allows you to fix any issues with the browser, which improves the overall user experience. 

Will Reinstalling Chrome Delete My Bookmarks And Settings?

No, if you reinstall Chrome, your saved bookmarks, passwords, and other settings will not be deleted. 


This was everything you need to know about fixing the issues related to Camera in your Google Chrome browser.

While most of the issues can be fixed by changing a few settings, hardware-related issues will require you to repair or replace your camera for proper functionality. 

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