How To Fix Microphone Not Working On Dell Laptop?

Dell Laptops are among the most premium laptops available in the market. Recently, a minor issue related to the microphone in these devices has caused inconvenience to the users.

The inbuilt microphone on the Dell laptop cannot be accessed due to some reason.

In this article, we will learn about the causes leading to it and ways in which we can fix the issue to improve the overall user experience and prevent any similar problems in the future. 

So, without any wait, let us dive right into the article. 

Causes Behind Microphone Not Working On Dell Laptop

Before moving to the solutions, we have discussed some of the most common behind the microphone not working properly on Dell Laptops. 

1. Microphone Not Accessible

One of the common issues that lead to Dell laptop microphone failure is that it is not accessible by the users or may have been turned off due to restricted access given by the user. 

2. Outdated Audio Drivers

The use of outdated audio drivers in the system can contribute to bugs, glitches, and other issues which might hinder the user experience.

Thus, it is crucial to update the audio drivers regularly to facilitate the smooth functioning of the microphone.

3. Incorrect Audio Setting

If you have updated your audio settings manually on your Dell laptop, it is possible that the use of incorrect audio settings affects the functioning of the microphone and contributes to a poor experience. 

4. Hardware Issue

A hardware issue such as a USB or damage to the microphone input pin can affect the functioning of your microphone in the system.

In such a scenario, the hardware must be upgraded or replaced to cater to your needs. 

5. Software Issue

Outdated software or audio drivers or operating system can also lead to problems with the audio input using the microphone and can affect the user experience. 

6. Microphone Not Compatible

The use of any external microphone with the Dell laptop can lead to compatibility issues.

It is possible that the device purchased by the user does not work properly with Dell laptops owing to outdated hardware or other reasons.

How To Fix Microphone Not Working On Dell Laptop?

The Online Microphone Test tool is an effortless online solution for verifying the functionality of your microphone.

This web-based tool eliminates the need for installations and offers a straightforward process to assess and confirm the condition of your microphone in just a few simple steps.

Below are some simple methods you need to follow to fix the microphone issue in your laptop. 

1. Restart Dell Laptop

One of the simplest ways to fix the issue is by restarting the Dell laptop by following these steps.

  • Navigate to the start menu on your system.
  • Head to the Power options.
  • Choose to Restart the device and check if the issue has been resolved or not. 

2. Make Sure The Microphone is On

It is possible that users have the microphone on mute or disabled the option which is causing the issue. Follow the given steps to turn on the microphone.  

  • Navigate to the Control Panel followed by Hardware and Sound category.
  • Under the Recording tab select the microphone and choose Properties. 
  • Press Levels and ensure to untick the crossed-out microphone icon to enable the microphone. 
  • After making all the changes, test out the microphone audio and save the changes to resolve the issue on your Dell laptops. 

3. Allow Access To The Microphone

If you have not been provided access to reap the features of your microphone on your Dell laptop, you will face issues. Thus, follow the steps to allow permission to the microphone. 

  • Navigate to the Search menu using the Windows key and look for the microphone. 
  • Choose Microphone Privacy settings from the given results. 
  • Under the Allow apps to use Microphone tab, toggle it to On to grant access.

4. Check Microphone Compatibility

Users relying on an external microphone to pair with their Dell laptops must check their compatibility as the use of outdated hardware with such devices can cause issues with the functionality of the microphone. Try using the hardware on other devices. 

If the issue is resolved on other laptops, it is possible that the microphone is not compatible with the Dell laptop. Follow the given steps to check microphone compatibility. 

  • Head to the Sound settings on your device by clicking on the speaker icon located on the taskbar. 
  • Locate the Recording section and choose the microphone. A voice bar appears on the screen that highlights the input in your microphone. If the microphone catches the sound, the bar gets moving. If not, then the microphone would not be compatible. 
  • You can also use online microphone testing websites to check compatibility for a better user experience. 

5. Correct Audio Setting

Changing the audio settings manually for better performance can also lead to problems with the functionality of the microphone. Follow the given steps to ensure that the optimal settings are used. 

  • Locate the taskbar on the Dell laptop and right-click the sound icon followed by Sounds. 
  • Head to the Recording tab and choose the microphone and set it on default. 
  • Navigate to the Properties tab of the microphone followed by the Levels category. 
  • Slide the level to the fullest and save the changes to fix the issue.

The best audio settings for the microphone would be ones that can provide audio levels of around 10 decibels which helps to improve the signal-noise ratio. Similarly, the noise floor settings should not exceed more than 60 dB. 

6. Restart Audio Service

Audio Service in the system is responsible for ensuring good audio quality and functioning of all audio devices connected to the system. Follow the instructions to restart the audio services. 

  • Navigate to the Run tab using the shortcut Windows+R. 
  • Search for services.msc and locate Windows Audio under the options. 
  • Double-click to stop the services and press Start to restart the services. 

7. Check Hardware Damage

Ensure that there are no hardware damages that contribute to the malfunctioning of the microphone.

Try plugging the microphone into another slot and check if the issue has been resolved. Furthermore, you can also try connecting it to other devices. 

8. Update Drivers

One of the most common issues that lead to microphone malfunction in Dell laptops is the use of outdated software that causes bugs and glitches. Follow the given instructions to update the drivers to their latest version.

  • Navigate to the Device Manager tab to access the Sound and Controllers section. 
  • Select the microphone from the list of audio devices and choose the Properties tab. 
  • Select the Update Driver option followed by Search for Drivers automatically to download the latest updates to the system. 

You can also download the drivers manually by navigating to the official website of the microphone manufacturers. 

9. Run The Sound Troubleshooter

Follow the given instructions to run the sound troubleshooting menu to fix the microphone problem. 

  • Go to Control Panel followed by the Troubleshooting tab.
  • Navigate to the Hardware and Sound followed by the Recording menu. 
  • Press Next and follow the instructions mentioned in the wizard to diagnose the problem and rectify it. 

10. Contact The Service Centre

If you have tried out everything from the article and still fail to resolve the microphone issue, it is recommended to contact the service center for more information about the issue. A hardware-related issue will require you to switch to a new device. 

Users can also get in touch with the Dell service center by reaching out to them at 1866 795 5597 or mail them [email protected]


1. Why Isn’t My Laptop’s Built-In Microphone Working?

Outdated drivers or inaccurate audio settings are common reasons that lead to the failure of the microphone. Try out the tips mentioned in the article to rectify such issues. 

2. Why Is My External Microphone Not Working On My Laptop?

It is possible that your external microphone is not compatible with the laptop you currently use. Thus, try using the device on other systems to check if the fault lies with compatibility or otherwise. 

3. Why Is My Microphone Recording Only Static Or Background Noise?

Static or background noises on your microphone can be corrected by adjusting the audio settings using the instructions provided in the article. 


Microphone malfunction can lead to a frustrating experience for the users. Thus, with the help of the above-mentioned instructions, you can fix the issues by following simple steps. 

Furthermore, if you still face problems we recommend contacting the nearest service center to resolve the issue. 

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