How To Test A Phone Microphone? (Complete Guide)

Microphones are a vital part of phones as they help users to interact with their friends or family members or to make calls or record audio.

Thus, the malfunctioning of the microphone hinders the overall experience and causes trouble. 

In such cases, you will have to troubleshoot or test your microphone which sounds challenging to many.

However, you will have no such issues as in today’s article, we will discuss ways in which you can test your phone microphone to cater to your needs. 

So, without further wait, let us jump into the article. 

Signs Your Phone Microphone Needs Testing

Below we have discussed some issues that will force you to test your microphone for better functionality. 

1. Low Or Muffled Audio

While making phone calls or recording your voice for multiple requirements, if the quality feels low or muffled, you might have to test the microphone to detect any issues. 

2. No Audio

If users fail to record their voices using the microphone during phone calls or recordings, it is possible that the microphone is faulty and demands your attention.

3. Static Or Crackling Sounds

Static or crackling sounds can be annoying and can hinder the user experience. If you observe any such malfunction related to the microphone, you must test it to rectify the problem. 

4. Siri Or Voice Assistant Not Working

Most users rely on their phone’s microphone to assure voice commands for more efficient results saving time. If you are observing failure directing any command in such a manner, test the microphone. 

5. Other People Can’t Hear You

One of the most common signs to test your microphone is if other people fail to hear you during your voice or video calls.

How To Test A Microphone?

1. Testing Phone Microphones Using In-built Apps

Most modern devices offer inbuilt applications that allow you to test your microphone settings and customize them to improve your overall user experience. Some of the popular tools available are listed as follows. 

Voice Memos

As the name suggests, voice memos allow you to record your voice and test the functioning of your microphone.

You can navigate to the application and record your audio quality and replay it to check for any issues. 

Camera App

The camera application in your phone can also be an excellent alternative to test your microphone.

Users can use the application to shoot video and confirm video has a voice. It will allow them to test their audio quality more efficiently. 

Voice Recorder

Similar to voice memos, you can use the inbuilt voice recorder to record and analyze the audio quality of the microphone.

Navigate to the app and hit the red recording button to start recording your voice. Now listen to the recording to check your mic is working properly.

2. Using Third-party Apps To Test Phone Microphones

If you do not wish to record or test your microphone using the inbuilt applications, you can also use the third-party apps to check for any faulty functioning of microphones.

Below we have listed a popular tool you can use to check the audio quality of your microphone. 

  • Mic Test App

Mic Test App is a popular application available on Google Playstore. Search the tool by its name and install it on your device to check for any faults in your microphone.

Launch the application and hit the record button and playback audio to analyze the audio quality. 

3. Conducting A Call Test

If you do not wish to trouble yourself with downloading third-party apps, users can also conduct a call test to test their microphones on a real-time basis.

While on the call, speak using the microphone to check if your audio can be transmitted to the other person fluently or otherwise. 

It is also vital to state that you must test the speakers by hearing audio from the other end for better and more accurate results. 

4. Using Device Checker Mic Test

Most devices offer a Mic test that helps to check for any faults in the microphone to improve the overall user experience. 

The test is helpful to troubleshoot any mic issues or to discover the right audio settings by tweaking noise reductions and other settings. 

Follow the given steps to test your microphone using the Device Checker mic test. 

  • Visit the Device Checker official website using any browser and launch it. 
  • Navigate to the Mic Test page and click on the “Start Test” button to give permission for mic testing and wait for a while.
  • The tool does not require any technical knowledge as users can test their mic issues quickly before meetings to improve their experience. 
  • It is helpful to test both analog and digital microphones depending on your needs or requirements. 
  • Once the tool analyzes the microphone, it provides detailed insights related to sample rates, audio gain, noise cancellation, and much more. 

How To Prevent Future Microphone Issues?

To prevent future malfunctions related to the microphone, you can take the following measures. 

1. Protect Your Microphone

Protecting your microphone means ensuring that the microphone does not get blocked by dust particles or other forms of debris.

Failure to do this can damage your microphone or can reduce the audio quality leading to a poor experience. 

2. Clean Your Microphone Regularly

Cleaning your microphone regularly helps you to prevent any issues related to the microphone or the audio quality. You can use a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt from the microphone. 

However, it is also crucial to state that users must avoid using water or any similar agent for cleaning as it may harm the microphone. 

3. Update Your Software

The use of outdated software can contribute to glitches or bugs which may affect the audio experience for the user.

Thus, ensure that the microphone software is updated regularly to boost the performance and the overall user experience. 


What Should I Do If My Phone’s Microphone Is Not Working?

It is recommended to test your microphone based on the above-mentioned tips to detect any issues leading to the cause. Some of the popular steps you can take are as follows. 

  • Remove any dirt or debris from the microphone hole in the phone and clean it using a brush or soft cloth. 
  • Check if your microphone software is outdated. If it is, try updating the software to the latest version to rectify the issue. 

Can I Fix My Phone’s Microphone Myself?

Yes, in most cases the malfunctioning of the microphone can be corrected by taking the measures stated in the article. 

However, if the issue still persists it is recommended to avoid fixing the microphone on your own as it will void the warranty or can harm the functioning of your device. 

Why Is It Important To Test My Phone’s Microphone?

It is vital to ensure that the phone’s microphone is delivering better quality and experience to the users. Static crackling, low audio, or muffled voices can be annoying and can lead to reduced productivity. 

Thus, test your microphone to detect any such issues and rectify them. 


This was everything you need to know about Testing Microphones. They are vital in recording audio or attending calls and malfunction can affect your overall user experience.

Thus, try out inbuilt applications, and third-party tools or conduct a call test with help from your friends or family to solve the issue. 

It is also advisable to clean your microphone slot regularly to avoid any accumulation of dust that will lower the audio quality.

Ensure to avoid the use of water during the process to prevent damage to the microphone.  

We hope you liked the article. 

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