How To Fix One Side Of Your Tozo Earbuds Not Working Issue?

Tozo Earbuds are among the most popular earbuds known for their excellent sound quality. Despite their popularity, most users have raised frustration issues. 

Users have claimed that one side of the Tozo earbuds fails to work, sometimes hindering the user experience.

In this article, we will learn about the reasons behind this and will provide ways in which you can solve the issue by following simple steps. 

So, without keeping much suspense, let us jump into the article. 

Reasons Behind One Side Of Your Tozo Earbuds Not Working

1. Earbuds Not Pairing With Bluetooth

Bluetooth compatibility issue is one of the most common causes leading to malfunction of one side of your Tozo earbuds. In such a case, either of the earbuds fails to get paired.

2. Earbuds Not Charging

It is possible that the pair of earbuds is not performing efficiently because of the drain in the battery or lack of charge, which can lead to distorted audio or no sound. 

3. Frequently Disconnecting

Tozo earbuds getting disconnected frequently can be due to interference from other Bluetooth devices nearby, causing difficulty in establishing the connection.

4. Earbud Turned Off

Most users fail to notice that they have turned off or disabled one of the earbuds, which can lead to failure to listen to audio from one side. 

5. Dirt On Earbud Charging Point

The accumulation of dust particles or blockade through other means can damage the charging point, which can cause the malfunction of either side of the Tozo earbuds. 

6. Firmware Issue

One of the most common reasons for the issue is the use of outdated or faulty firmware related to the earbuds, which leads to the failure of one of the earbuds. 

7. Defective Hardware

The hardware of the earbuds has been damaged or broken. In such a case, users will have to replace their audio device with a new one to improve their overall experience. 

8. Wrong Audio Setting

The use of faulty or mismanaged audio settings can lead to issues with either of the earbuds. 

How To Fix One Side Of Your Tozo Earbuds Not Working Issue?

Below we have discussed some of the simple ways in which you can fix your Tozo earbuds’ working issue by following these steps. 

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1. Restart The Pairing Device

Users can restart their pairing device by taking the earbuds from their case and placing them inside again, and closing the case for more than a minute. 

Try to connect the device again after the reboot to fix the one-side earbud malfunction issue. 

2. Remove And Re-add Earbud In Pairing Device

  1. Navigate to the Settings on your device, followed by the Bluetooth tab. 
  2. Users can now locate their paired set of Tozo earbuds. Press the gear icon located next to the connection and choose Disconnect. 
  3. Connect the device again to re-add the device and check if the problem has been resolved. 

3. Reset Earbuds

  1. Place the Tozo earbuds back in their case. 
  2. Once they are placed back, hold the button located on the case for more than 10 seconds to reset the earbuds. 
  3. When the case flashes white light followed by red, open the case and try connecting the earbuds to the device. 

4. Clean Earbuds

Users must follow the below-stated instructions to clean Tozo earbuds for a more sound experience. 

  1. Place the earbuds out of the charging case and make sure to switch them off. 
  2. With the help of a soft cloth, try to break down any dust particles through gentle presses. You can also prefer any small brush for cleaning. 
  3. Avoid using any alcohol or excessively damp cloth for cleaning as it can damage the earbuds. 

5. Charge Earbuds

A Low battery of either earbud can lead to faulty functioning hindering the user experience. Thus, charge your earbuds by placing them in the charging case and using them when fully charged. 

6. Turn On And Turn Off Bluetooth

  1. Switch off the earbuds and the Bluetooth on your device. 
  2. Wait a while and try repairing the earbuds again by turning on the Bluetooth to fix the issue. 

7. Check External Damage

Physical or any form of external damage to the earbuds can raise issues with the functionality. Check for such damages and contact your nearest service center to get them replaced or repaired. 

8. Reset Audio Setting

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab on your device, followed by Accessibility and Hearing. 
  2. A Sound balance bar will appear on the display. Use the slider to navigate the bar near the middle. 
  3. Change the audio channel settings from Mono to Stereo. Save the changes and check if your issue has been resolved. 

9. Update Audio Drivers

  1. Navigate to the Device Manager using the search menu tab. 
  2. Navigate to Audio Inputs and Outputs, followed by Properties. 
  3. Press Search for drivers automatically to update the drivers to their latest version. 

You can also update the audio drivers manually by downloading updates using the Internet.

10. Update Firmware

  1. Download the Tozo Sound App to update the audio drivers related to the earbuds. 
  2. Once downloaded, launch the application and press OTA update to update the firmware to the latest version to fix the malfunction of the earbuds. 

11. Factory Reset

  1. Take the earbuds out of their charging case and press the buttons located on them for around 5 seconds until the red light is visible. 
  2. Now push the buttons again for around 10 seconds to complete the reset which is identified by blinking of blue lights frequently.

12. Contact The Service Centre

If you have tried out every instruction and still fail to counter the one-side earbuds malfunction issue, you may need to visit the nearest service center. 

You can contact them on this phone number +1 (800) 282 9088 from Monday to Friday during business hours. Users can also reach out via email at [email protected].  


1. How Long Do Tozo Earbuds Typically Last?

The durability of the earbuds varies based on several factors such as usage by the user. On an average basis, the earbuds can last anywhere from two to five years with extra care. 

2. What If My Tozo Earbuds Are Still Under Warranty?

If you have encountered an issue related to your earbuds and are still covered under warranty, you can contact the service center to fix the issue for you. Users are also entitled to get a replacement for their faulty device. 

3. How Do I Know If My Tozo Earbuds Are Compatible With My Device?

Users need to focus on the specifications of their earbuds and compare them with their device to check for compatibility issues such as Bluetooth connection or the use of outdated drivers. You can also refer to the manual or guides offered to check for compatibility. 


These were all the tips and tricks you can follow to fix your Tozo earbuds and save yourselves from an annoying audio experience. Most of the instructions require you to follow simple steps. 

However, if you have discovered issues related to physical damage, you will have to visit or contact the nearest service center for better insights.  

To prolong the lifecycle of earbuds, clean them at regular intervals and place them safely while not in use.

It is also crucial to update the firmware regularly to the latest version to avoid any glitches or bugs that affect your overall user experience. 

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