Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking

Xbox controllers are one of the best devices available on the market for enjoying your favorite games.

However, there are several cases when pairing with the controller for other devices, such as a PC or Laptop is stuck at the controller blinking or flashing lights at regular intervals. 

It can be due to many reasons, like low battery and other advanced factors which hint towards malfunction, which we are going to discuss in today’s article. 

So, without further ado, let us dive right into it. 

Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking 

Below we have discussed some notable reasons why your controller is flashing or blinking suddenly. 

Low Battery 

Low Battery for the controller is one of the most basic reasons that lead to the blinking of controller lights. Thus, to fix the issue, try charging the controller fully before using it or replacing the batteries. Low battery is generally indicated by the slow blinking lights located on the controller. 

Outdated Firmware 

The use of outdated device drivers with the controller can lead to glitches and bugs, which can contribute to frequent blinking, which can be irritable for most users. Try updating the controller drivers to the latest version using the Update option to resolve the issue. 

Problem With Cables 

Frequent blinks on the controller indicate that there is an issue with the connecting of the controller, and in the case of a wired controller, ensure that the cables are connected properly. Replug the controller properly using the USB slot on the console or your PC to fix the issue. 

Interference from other Devices 

In the case of wireless controller connection, interference from other Bluetooth devices nearby can also hinder functioning and lead to blinking lights on the controller. Make sure to disconnect all the devices nearby and try pairing them again. 

How To Fix Xbox Controller Blinking And Flashing Issue

Check Controller Battery

To make sure that the batteries are not causing the issue, try checking the controller battery using the following steps. 

  • For wireless controllers, place the battery of the device inside the Xbox one play and Charge kit and plug up the power cord to enable the charging. The lights will blink orange while charging. Remove the battery when the light turns white and see if the issue has been resolved. 
  • For other controllers using battery packs, try replacing the batteries and check the controller again to see if the light stops flashing or blinking. 

Try Connecting the Controller With a Different Cable

The use of faulty cables can also lead to controller malfunction. Try connecting the controller with a different cable using the USB slot to use the device features. Make sure that the cables used are not damaged physically.

Resync Xbox Controller 

It is crucial to state that Xbox wireless controllers only support one device console at a time. If your controller has been paired with multiple devices at the same time, you will have to resync the Xbox controller. Follow the given steps to resync the controller.

  • Turn on the gaming console as well as the controller by pressing the Xbox logo button. A light-up will indicate that the controller is connected.  
  • Head back to the Xbox controller and push and release the Pair button. 
  • On Xbox One controllers, the button is located on the side close to the USB port. On the contrary, it is present below the power button for Xbox Series S and X users. 
  • Once done, you must quickly press and hold onto the Power button on your Xbox controller until you see a light flashing on the device. It indicates that the controller is now searching for the console to pair with. 
  • When it stops blinking, the controller will be re-synced to the console. Check if the light blinking has stopped or not. 

Reconnect The Console & Cables

  • Plug out the network cable on your console and ensure that the cables plugged in are clean. Reconnect them securely into the desired slots. 
  • Plug out any cables from your networking devices connected to the console and reconnect all the cords. 

Perform Power Cycle For Controller and Console

Performing a power cycle for the controller and console helps you restore default settings which can fix the issue. Follow the given steps to perform the process. 

  • Turn off the controller by holding the Xbox logo button for around 10 seconds. 
  • Wait a while and enable the controller again by pressing the Xbox icon. 
  • Check to see if the issue has been resolved. If not, you will need to update the firmware to the latest version. 

Update Controller Firmware

The use of incorrect or outdated firmware drivers can cause the Xbox controller to malfunction. To update the controller firmware, follow the given instructions.

For Wireless Controllers 

  • Access the Guide menu or settings on your console by pressing the Xbox button and head to Profile and Settings tab. 
  • Choose Settings followed by Accessories, located within the Device and Connections tab. 
  • You will be directed to the page of the wireless Xbox controller. Select the option to check for any updates. 
  • If any updates are available, a prompt window will appear on the screen. Select the latest firmware drivers from the list and proceed with the instructions to install them into your console. 

For Wired Controllers

  • Connect the Xbox controller using the USB slot on your console. 
  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet. The update wizard will pop up on the screen if any latest update is detected.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the wizard to download the updates.

Using PC 

  • Download and install the Xbox Accessories App using Microsoft Store into your system and launch it. 
  • Plug in your wired or wireless controller to the computer, and a message will appear on the screen displaying Update Required if any latest firmware is available. 
  • Download and install the updates to fix the issue. 

Try Your Controller On a Different Console

The controller blinking issue may be related to the console. Thus, try connecting the controller to any different Xbox console and see if it performs properly. If it does, the issue lies with the console. If not, you will have to visit the nearest service center to gain more insights regarding the problem. 

Precautions To Take Encounter Such Issue In the Future

Below we have discussed several precautions you must take to prevent such issues from arising in the future. 

  • Ensure that the batteries are fully charged to avoid any interference due to low battery. 
  • Regularly check for any updates for your controller to avoid any glitches or malfunctions. 
  • In the case of wired controllers, make sure that the cables are connected properly, and with minimum strain to avoid damaging the wires. 
  • It is recommended to turn off the wireless controller before switching off the console. 


Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking Twice But Not Turning On?

The blinking issue on your Xbox controller can be due to many reasons, such as outdated firmware, low battery, or misplaced cables. Follow the instructions in the article or contact Xbox support for more insights. 

Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking And Not Connecting?

Most of the time, the controller blinking issue is related to the software. Thus, try to reset the controller settings or ensure that the controller batteries are not low or any cable is damaged that might be causing the controller to malfunction. 

Why Is My Xbox Elite Controller Blinking White?

The white light on your Xbox Elite Controller indicates that the controller is fully charged. Thus, you can plug out the charging cable and use the device to enjoy gaming titles of your choice. Orange lights are visible in case of low battery or charging mode.

Why Does My Xbox Controller Keeps Blinking And Disconnecting? 

The reason for the controller blinking and disconnecting can be due to several reasons, such as low battery, use of damaged cables, and much more. Follow the instructions in the article to fix the issue. 


Blinking lights in the Xbox controller can be annoying for most users. The issue is mostly related to simple issues, such as discharged batteries or outdated firmware that causes the controller to malfunction. Ensure to charge the device regularly and search for the latest updates regularly to resolve the problem. 

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