Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working

Fortnite is one among the most trending games from the last few years. Voice chat is an interesting technique in that game to communicate with teammates.

This technique gives you extra energy to play the game again and again. Now just imagine that your fortnite voice chat is not working during an interesting game.

It might be so annoying. In this discussion we are talking about why Fortnite Voice Chat is not Working and how to fix it.

Why Is My Voice Chat Not Working On Fortnite?

Voice chat facility in Fortnite helps to enjoy the play very much. But due to several reasons, voice chat on fortnite is not working. Have a look for some most common reasons.

Volume Is Low

Sometimes the system volume may be low range. Due to this the players can’t hear the teammates properly. It is completely irritating.

Fortnite Server Is Down

Another possibility is, the server of the fortnite may get down. Due to this there is a chance of experiencing frequent disconnects.

You Selected Wrong Channel

If you are using an incorrect voice chat channel. you can’t hear your teammate. Especially if you are using multiple platforms and doing cross playing. This will cause a communication error.Fortnite has two channels: party and game,select the correct one.

Wrong Network Port 

If you connect with a wrong network port, again communication issues will occur. XMPP is a protocol which is used by Fortnite voice chat. Network ports are required to work these protocols. 5222 and 433 are the network ports open to be able to connect with the protocols.

Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working Fixes

Check Your Fortnite Voice Chat Channel

You must be sure that you are using the correct voice chat channel. Otherwise you won’t be able to hear your teammate. Especially if you are using multiple platforms and doing cross playing. This  will cause a communication error.

There are two channels to use fortnite;Party channel and game channel.

  • Party channel will help to connect with the players in the same party and queued up together in the lobby. 
  • Game channels help to connect players in the same team, but they may be in different parties. This leads to a team based game mode.

Check Parental Control Setting

If the parental control turned on your fortnite, it would prevent the use of voice chat. 

Here you are supposed to seek help from your parents to change the settings to enable voice chat.

You can follow these steps to enable voice chat.

  1. With the help of  Esc button in your PC, select the parental control settings page from fortnite.
  2. Click on account and privacy and go to voice chat.
  3. Be sure that voice chat is enabled only for friends and teammates, or for everybody. If the option is set for nobody, voice chat won’t work.

If you turn off voice chat in the game settings, you can’t hear anyone.

Open Network Port

XMPP is a protocol which is used by our voice chat. Network ports are required to work these protocols. 5222 and 433 are the network ports open to be able to connect with the protocols.

Specific types of network communications are permitted by the internet with the help of network ports.

If a particular communication is blocked, that means the port which helps for that specific communication is closed.

Now you need to open those ports, then the communication will pass through it.

Unblock Ports In Windows

  1. Select the start menu, search the Control Panel.
  2. Select system and security from the menu.
  3. Click on advanced settings,choose inbound rules from the left pane select.
  4. right click on inbound rules and select new rules from the new menu.
  5. Then select port, and from the options click on next.
  6. To apply the rule, select TCP as protocol.
  7. Click on specific local ports and then add the above ports and click next.
  8. Click allow the connection.
  9. For applying the rule to all types of network, leave domain, private and public.
  10. Now give a name to the rule meaningful then select finish.

Note : above staples are specifically for windows 10. Varies for other versions.

Unblock Ports in Mac

  1. There will be an apple menu in the top left corner of the screen, click on that.
  2. From the menu,Click on system preference.
  3. Select security and privacy. 
  4. Click on firewall then open firewall options.
  5. Click on add option.
  6. From the applications folder, select epic games launcher and click add.
  7. There will be an option next to the application that needs to be set as Allow incoming connections. 
  8. Then click on the ok option.

Update Windows Software

To play the fortnite game and to use the complete function of the voice chat feature, make sure your windows is fully updated to the latest version.

Steps to update windows

  1. Fiest go to the start menu in the left down position of the screen.
  2. Then from the options, choose settings.
  3. Now go for windows update, if updation available.

Set Voice Chat To Friends Only 

When you do parental control settings, there you will get an option to enable the voice chat only for your friends, teammates, everybody and nobody. So you can choose friends.

Enable Cross Platform Support

Like some other games, Fortnite also has the crossplay feature. This allows you to play against or with the players on another play station or PC, even if you are playing on xbox or switch. You need an Epic account to play crossplay in fortnite.

To on /off crossplay on your console

On the Playstation, in the Fortnite lobby:

  1. By pressing start you may access the menu. Navigate down to the gear sign.
  2. Choose settings.
  3. From the options, select account and privacy.
  4. Allow Cross Platform Play is located when you scroll down under Gameplay Privacy.
  5. Set it as yes if you want crossplay and set it no if you don’t want.

Note: It is currently not possible to disable crossplay on the Nintendo Switch, PC, or mobile. Please keep in mind, however, that the crossplay functionality substantially decreases queue times.

Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working On Xbox

If you are playing Fortnite on Xbox, and you are facing that your voice chat is not working. The below solutions will help you to fix it.

A good DNS server can increase connection reliability, reduce disconnections, and decrease lag. It can also increase connection speed.

Change DNS Setting

  1. There will be a Xbox button on your controller. Press that button.
  2. Open system tab
  3. Select settings
  4. Click on network, go for select network settings
  5. Click on advanced settings 
  6. Note down the existing DNS server and select for further use. 
  7. Go to DNS setting and select manual 
  8. Type the following DNS servers.
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • Enter both DNS.
  1. If asked to set MTU, type it as 1473.
  2. Switch on the control button to save the edited setting.
  3. After completing the above procedure,now go back and check your voice chat to know if it’s working or not.

Clear Cache

You can also resolve the issue by clear cache procedure .Follow the below steps for getting it done.

  1. Front of the Xbox you can see a power button, Press and hold the power button until it turns off.
  2.  Remove the power cable from the back of Xbox, Press and hold the power button multiple times to drain out any remaining power and clear the cache.
  3.  Keep it unplugged for 30 sec
  4.  Put the cable back in the same area
  5.  Power on the Xbox as normally
  6.  Open voice chat and check if it’s working normal

Note: When you erase the cache, you will lose any previously downloaded game updates.To play the game, you must download these updates again.

Enable Cross Platform Settings

Make sure your cross-platform play settings for privacy and online safety are configured.

  1.  Press the Xbox button to bring up the instructions on Xbox, then select System > Settings > Account.
  2. Select  privacy and online safety, then click on Xbox Live privacy. View specifics and make changes under Communication & Multiplayer.

Note: Select Family settings > Manage family members from Account if you’re setting up voice chat for a family member. Next, carry out Step 2 above with your choice of family member.

  1. Select parameters for the following possibilities:
  • Outside of Xbox Live, you can play with other people.This permits or forbids any form of cross-network play. To utilize voice chat, click Allow.
  • Outside of Xbox Live, you can use voice and text to converse.You have control over who can communicate with you when you permit cross-network play. Pick everyone.
  1. After completing the above procedure,now go back and check your voice chat to know if it’s working or not

Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working On PlaySation

If you are playing Fortnite on play station, and you are not able to perform voice chat properly, follow the steps below. It will help you to solve the problem.

Changes in fortnite setting to fix the problem

  1. Select the menu icon in the game
  2. Go to settings and select audio icon to display audio page
  3.  Open audio settings from the opened audio page
  4. Check the voice chat. it should be on and open mic should be the voice chat method.
  5. Notification must be on. Party should be the voice channel setting.
  6. For applying all the changes, you need to press ‘Y’.
  7. Press the home button of the playstation.
  8. Select a party on xbox one by clicking on start, again go to fortnite game start menu and select start a party.
  9. Change your audio setting for voice chat on to off and apply changes.
  10. Open a party and leave the party.
  11. Once again now you need to come to the audio setting and turn on your voice chat in fortnite.

This will make your fortnite game voice chat working fine.

Change DNS setting

Changing in DNS settings will help you to fix the problem of voice chat in PlayStation For that follow the steps

  1. First go to settings menu, open network click on setup internet connection.
  2. Note:Here you can choose your network connection whether it is LAN or WIFI              LAN is the better connection.
  3. Select custom setup from the options.
  4. Then select automatic IP address settings.You should not specify DHCP hostname.
  5. Click on the DNS setting. Then select the manual option. 
  6. Type the following DNS servers.

           Primary DNS:

          Secondary DNS:

  1. For confirming that you are still connected to the internet connection, Select set internet connection
  2. After completing the above procedure,now go back and check your voice chat to know if it’s working or not

Note: PS5 players may experience interruption in voice chat while loading Fortnite, but it will be fine after loading Fortnite.

Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working On Nintendo Switch

The mic of players of Fortnite is not working when you are playing the game on the Nintendo switch. It’s a common problem.

  1. Use a proper headset with a microphone. 
  2. Go to the voice chat section of the fortnite app,
  3. Set on the opening and party. 
  4. Now the problem may be solved. 
  5. If not yet solved. 
  6. Follow the below solution.

Change DNS Setting

You should adjust DNS settings if you are facing a problem with voice chat when you are using Fortnite on your Nintendo switch

Steps for adjusting DNS settings .

  1. Open settings menu.
  2. Click on the internet and then select internet settings.
  3. Click on connection and go to change settings
  4. Alter the DNS settings to Manual option. 
  5. Put the following DNS servers.

           Primary DNS:

          Secondary DNS:

  1. Off the proxy setting.
  2. Go for a try to check voice chat.

If all the above solutions did not help you out to solve the voice chat problem in Fortnite, you are provided with another one more option. You can give a request to the epic games support team.(

Internet & Hardware Troubleshooting

It is better that before going to software related fixes, check your hardware and internet connections are in the proper way.


  • Make sure your microphone is connected properly to the PC or any other gaming consoles. 
  • Confirm that it is not in mute mode. 
  • Set the volume in the sufficient range.
  • Plug in the headphone correctly and be sure that the headphone itself is in working condition. Now restart the game to check your mic not working issue is fixed.

Check The Network Stability

  • Fortnite voice chat communication needs a proper and stable network connection.
  •  Better to have a wired internet connection as compared with wifi.
  • Reset the modem or router for refreshment, and then go for a speed test. It will help you to make sure about the strength of the internet connection.

Update The Software Of Audio Drivers.

  • Be sure that your audio drivers and firmware are up to date.


Why Is The Fortnite Party Channel Grayed Out?

Check and make sure that your voice chat option is turned on inside the audio settings.

Make sure your volume is turned up 50% or more,so you will be able to hear it. If your headset or speaker volume is too low you won’t be able to hear your teammates. Find out  the possible reasons why your voice chat is not working and check the server status. Last but not least make sure you join the correct channel.

How Do I Unmute Voice Chat In Fortnite?

It is very easy if you are in the lobby.

  1. Select the person that you want to unmute.
  2. Go to action six menu, click on that
  3. From the options , click on unmute.


Here we discussed the most common reasons which lead to problems with fortnite voice chat while playing. Hope that the tips to solve the issues of  fortnite voice chat will definitely be useful for you.

Now you know how to resolve the issue with Fortnite voice chat not functioning on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

This will help you to speak with your teammates and have fun with the game by following this advice.