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Whether you're looking to test the performance of your device, ensure that your refresh rate is optimal, or simply want to ensure that your input and output devices are working as they should be, Device has you covered.

With our FPS test, refresh rate test, mouse test, keyboard test, and ping test, you can easily identify and troubleshoot any issues with your device. And, with our user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow instructions, even tech novices can use our tools with ease.

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Micheal Oswald

I believe that the DC keyboard test will bring great changes once you start using it. It will change the way you utilize the features of the existing keyboard. It gives extra updated features. Great job to the coders.


Lorelle Arden

Simple, lightweight, and efficient. Works great for my dollar-store headphones. Note: I too was hearing "left" from each channel separately while playing music.


Richardine Dre

If you want a good tool to use to test wifi strength or mobile data signals, then this is the go-to app to have on your devices. They add new features and keep updated frequently, are pretty accurate, have a log book of your previous tests, and look good.