What Is a Mouse Test?

The Mouse Tester tool, accessible for free, is an online test analysis for the users to check the performance of their mouse. One can now test their mouse's scroll wheel along with the left, right, and side buttons without downloading any additional software. Just one mouse click and generate 100% efficient outcomes at your fingertips.

If the picture of the mouse on the screen lights up whenever you press the mouse button, it indicates that the mouse is functioning accurately. But if it does not light up, then it's time for you to get your mouse fixed.

How To Use a Mouse Test Tool?

This mouse test tool is an easy way to check your mouse’s left, right, and side (Only comes with gaming mice) buttons:


Check Mouse Buttons

The first step is to check to see if all buttons are working correctly. Start with the left button and move on to the other buttons. In the case of a gaming mouse, check the side buttons as well.

When checking the left and right buttons, see if the same buttons (left for left and right for right) are lighting up in the picture.


Check Scroll Wheel

Now, check the functioning of the Scroll Wheel and notice if the illustration is showing the same part lights up.


Verify if Mouse Is Working Properly

If all the buttons in the picture light by following the specific button (For instance, the left button picture gets illuminated when pressing the left button), your mouse is properly functioning.

How Does a Mouse Test Help You?

Our mouse click test will come in handy several times, especially when purchasing a new one. Following are some excellent examples of why this tool is the right choice for you:

When Purchasing a New Mouse

When it comes to purchasing a new mouse, there are chances that it may have some manufacturing defects. Hence, one can take the Mouse button test to check its technical functionality. Tap on every mouse button, including the scroll wheel, and see if the newly purchased mouse is in proper working condition or not.

After Cleaning & Repairing Mouse

After cleaning or repairing the mouse, one may face malfunctioning issues. To test if the mouse is functioning properly or not, go for the online mouse test and ensure that all the buttons are in working condition.

After Replacing Batteries

Testing the mouse after replacing the batteries might be the best option because that way tells you to know if your mouse is working properly after the new batteries are inserted.

Check Laptop Trackpad

You can use this mouse checker to check the laptop trackpad by dragging stuff around your mouse device or your touchpad. Even the laptop trackpad comprises all the features of a basic mouse. This test provides information about the buttons and the cursor of your device.

To Check Extra Buttons Of Gaming Mouse

Gaming geeks purchase gaming mouse, which comes in with some additional programmable buttons. The efficient features of the Mouse Tester tool let users test the functioning of these additional buttons too.


Unlike the other mouse tests, our tool includes some unique features that make it easy to use even by a beginner. Some of the reasons that make our mouse checker tool exceptional are mentioned below:

feature 1

Functional Across All Devices

This test is handy and functional across all devices, including tablets, PC, laptops, etc. You can even use this same test for trackpad because its features are comparatively similar to a mouse. Also, it works with the same efficiency for wireless mice.

feature 2

Quick and Easy

The tool comprises a straightforward UI, and you do not need technical knowledge about your mouse status. You are good at mouse testing with our tool if you know how to visit the Device Checker website and click the testing button. You can test your mouse or trackpad device without any extra effort.

feature 3

Support All Brands

Our tool allows users to test mice from several brands, including Logitech, Razer, and Zowie.

feature 4

Nothing To Install

You heard it right! There is no need to install any third-party software to test your mouse. As it is a browser-based tool, this test does not use or take any extra space on your device. You only need an active internet connection, and you get the information associated with your mouse in a couple of seconds.

How To Fix A Mouse Not Working Issue?

If your mouse does not work for any reason, you can find and fix the issue on your own before taking it for repair. Try the following fixes to resolve the issue.

Inspect Mouse Cable

Check if the mouse cable is damaged or defective in any way. If there is a failure of the optical sensor to glow, that means there is something wrong with your mouse internally. Also, when the mouse cable is damaged, it fails to connect to the PC or any other device after plugging. If this is the issue, you can try repairing the mouse with a professional or replace it with a new one.

Try A Different USB Port

Sometimes, that one USB port used frequently tends to stop working, and you think something is wrong with your mouse. When using a wired mouse, if you face connectivity issues, try plugging the mouse into another USB port and see if the problem clears. If not, proceed to the next fix.

Update Driver

Outdated drivers can be one of the common reasons behind the malfunctioning of your mouse. One can fix it either by making use of the driver update tool or by rushing to the manufacturer's website and looking for the latest driver updates available. In case there are no updates available, try reinstalling the driver again.

Replace Batteries

Still using the same old batteries which came along with your device can cause faulty functioning of the mouse. To fix it, all you need to do is replace your batteries with a new set and ensure that these batteries are properly installed for the efficient working of the mouse.

Clean Mouse

It is necessary to clean a mouse when you start facing jittering or clicking issues. You can easily clean a wireless or wired mouse with a lint-free cloth, and there are also other mouse cleaners available in the market that you can try. Keep in mind that do not cover the bottom layer of the mouse, or it may result in mouse/cursor movement.


When dust builds inside your mouse, it starts to double click. Also, when your mouse is defective, it starts double-clicking. You can use our mouse test to see if your mouse is double clicking. If it does, you can opt for fixes like deep cleaning the mouse or replacing it with a new one.

When you experience mouse drifting, your pointer begins to move on its own even while the mouse is motionless. First off, update your mouse drivers that are available for free on the manufacturer's website. Also, try wiping your mouse and if it's wired, try connecting it back in after a thorough cleaning, as this issue may be the result of malfunctioning hardware.

You face input lag issues when you start experiencing delays and a noticeable time difference between clicking your mouse and seeing the results. This situation is normal in wireless mice compared to wired ones. To avoid the problem, ensure using high-quality devices.

To fix the Windows button reverses, all you need to do is to perform the following steps:

  1. Click on Windows+S and search for Mouse Settings.
  2. You would notice a Select your primary tab at the top of the menu. To restore the left mouse button, right-click the dropdown box and right-click Left.
  3. Your work is done!