To Use the Touchpad Test

  • Click the Start Test button to begin
  • Follow the instructions indicated by the yellow marker (click button or select text)
  • Scroll if the yellow marker is not visible as it's part of the test
  • Take your time, the test is brief
  • Compare your results with different touchpads or mouse.

What Is a Touchpad Test?

A touchpad test is a way to check your laptop's trackpad. The test will tell you if your touchpad is working correctly and if there are any problems with it. It can also be used as a troubleshooting tool for other issues, such as if the trackpad suddenly stops working.

How To Use a Touchpad Test?

This tool will help you make sure that your touchpad is working properly. It does this by testing your touchpad for both text and numbers, so even if you only have one row in your display, this app can still tell if it's working correctly. Here’s how you can use it:


Launch Touchpad Tester

Firstly, visit the Device Checker on your browser. This can be done on any browser as long as you have an internet connection. On visiting the website, navigate to ‘Touchpad test’ to start the test.


Select Text & Number

You'll see that a yellow marker appears in various locations throughout your screen. You should click or select the full text that is highlighted in yellow and then scroll around if the yellow marker isn't visible.


Verify Your Touchpad Is Working

If you are unable to select the text and number on your screen, then your touchpad might not be working. In case you can select the text and number that appear on your screen, then your trackpad is working properly.

When Do You Need a Touch Pad Test?

While Purchasing New Laptop

When you are buying a new laptop, it is necessary to test each of its components before investing thousands in it. As such, testing the touchpad is also important. This test can be of great use while purchasing a new laptop and you can see if the touchpad works as required, or not. If not, you can always switch to other options before buying.

Buying Old Laptop

Second-hand electronics are not worth putting many expectations into. If you are buying a second-hand laptop, it is highly recommended that you check all its features and components including the touchpad. This would ensure that the laptop you are buying is the one with a proper touchpad.

After Repairing Touchpad

If your touchpad has stopped responding correctly after several months or years of use, it may be time for an overhaul. The first step would be to give yourself a quick repair check before attempting anything more advanced like replacing parts. Once you get it repaired, you can check it through this tool.


feature 1

Easy To Use

No need to download or install anything. Just click and start testing.

feature 2

100% Free & Secure

Get instant results with no ads, popups, or tracking software.

feature 3

Support All OS

Provides support for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.

feature 4

Instant Results

With this tester, all you have to do is click on the buttons that appear on the screen, and you'll get instant results.


The most common reason that a touchpad isn't working is because the touchpad is unresponsive. There are a few different reasons for this, but the most common is because the touchpad sensor has become dirty or damaged.

Hold down the Power button for a while until your laptop screen turns on. This will help you unfreeze the screen. Try connecting your laptop to a different power adapter and charger, then try turning it on again. If this does not work, unplugging and replugging the adapter may help, depending on the model of your laptop.

You can use this tool to test your touchpad with ease. The tool is completely free to use and doesn’t even require you to install anything at all.