What Is the Mouse Polling Rate Checker?

A mouse rate checker is an online polling rate test for the users to measure the number of times per second the computer receives information from the mouse regarding the positioning and the number of movements made.

The mouse polling rate is generally measured in Hertz, and it determines the amount of delay produced between transmitting information from the mouse to the computer. A small delay gap indicates a higher polling rate, whereas a large delay gap indicates a lower polling rate.

So what are you waiting for now? Take our Mouse rate checker test and calculate your mouse's polling rate.

How To Use a Mouse Rate Checker?

Taking the Mouse polling rate test does not require any special skills. The only thing you need to do is follow these three magical steps:


Begin The Test

To proceed, go to our Device Checker website and navigate to the polling rate test page. Now click on the 'CLICK TO START' button. Make sure that you are connected to the internet before taking the test.


Move Your Mouse

Once the test starts, start moving your mouse so that it calculates your mouse's polling rate.


Get Instant Results

When done with the test, the results get displayed on your screen with 100% accuracy. It displays your mouse's average and maximum polling rate. Live charts are also shown to the users so that they can monitor their polling rate while moving the mouse in different directions.

What is Mouse Polling Rate?

Mouse Polling rate measures how frequently your mouse communicates and sends information to the computer. The information sent by the mouse is all about the number of movements made and which mouse button was pressed.

It also sends data regarding your mouse's positioning. A higher polling rate means faster data transfer and reduced latency, which is preferable to aim accurately while gaming.

How Does High Polling Rate Benefit Gamers?

There is a direct connection between speed and gaming. If you want to win the battle, speed is crucial to kill your enemies before they kill you.

Mouse polling rates determine how fast your mouse communicates with the computer. When it comes to competitive FPS games like Valorant, Minecraft having a high polling rate is beneficial in terms of accuracy and aiming. A polling rate of about 1000Hz, which equals one millisecond, is recommendable to conquer the battle.

Therefore having a higher polling rate provides you an advantage over other players to make faster movements and kill the opponents within seconds.


feature 1

Quick and Easy

This mouse rate polling test is pretty straightforward to use. With no need to download and install third-party applications, our polling rate test delivers the results in a few moments.

feature 2

Test Without Worries

Users can be carefree while taking our polling rate test as this online web-based tool is completely safe from the threat of viruses and keeps the user's data secure.

feature 3

Supports Your System

Be it whatever device you use, it doesn't matter anymore as our tool is compatible with all devices, right from Windows to MAC, enabling users to take up the test from any device that suits them.

feature 4

Light Speed Results

After completion of the test, you get your results within seconds without any delay, just like how fast Usain Bolt is. Take our test, keep moving the mouse and get instant and precise outcomes at your fingertips.


You will be okay with a 125 Hz or 250 Hz polling rate if all you do on your computer is easy to work or recreational web browsing. Professionals in productivity and competitive gaming may like polling rates of 500 Hz or 1000 Hz.

Yes, the polling rate affects aiming. That is why it is best recommended to stick with what suits you and the game you are playing. For instance, if you are playing Valorant with 125 Hz, you won't be able to score a win in decades.

Yes, of course. Your FPS is affected by a high polling rate. If you have a high polling rate mouse, your machine will have a negligible loss of frames. Even though it depends on your game type, a high polling rate is often time-consuming.