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  • QQVGA (160x120)
  • QCIF (176x144)
  • QCIF (192x144)
  • HQVGA (240x160)
  • QVGA (320x240)
  • Video CDNTSC(352x240)
  • Video CDPAL(352x288)
  • xCIF (384x288)
  • 360p (480x360)
  • nHD (640x360)
  • VGA (640x480)
  • SD (704x480)
  • DVD NTSC (720x480)
  • WGA (800x480)
  • SVGA (800x600)
  • DVCPRO HD (960x720)
  • XGA (1024x768)
  • HD (1280x720)
  • WXGA (1280x800)
  • SXGA− (1280x960)
  • SXGA (1280x1024)
  • UXGA (1600x1200)
  • FHD (1920x1080)
  • QXGA (2048x1536)
  • QSXGA (2560x2048)
  • QUXGA (3200x2400)
  • DCI 4K (4096x2160)
  • HXGA (4096x3072)
  • UW5K (5120x2160)
  • 5K (5120x2880)
  • WHXGA (5120x3200)
  • HSXGA (5120x4096)
  • WHSXGA (6400x4096)
  • HUXGA (6400x4800)
  • 8K UHD (7680x4320)
  • WHUXGA (7680x4800)
  • UW10K (10240x4320)

What Is a Webcam Test?

A webcam test is a process for checking the functionality of a webcam, which is a device that allows you to capture video and audio through a computer or other device. The primary purpose of an online webcam test is to ensure that the webcam is working properly and is able to capture high-quality video and audio.

To perform a camera test, you will typically need to connect your webcam to your computer and make sure it is properly configured. You can then use a webcam tester tool or to capture and display a live video feed from the webcam. This will allow you to see how the webcam is functioning and identify any problems that may need to be addressed.

It can be useful for a variety of purposes, including checking the quality of the webcam before using it for an important video call or video conference, and troubleshooting problems with the webcam.

How To Use Webcam Tests?

Using the online webcam test is a straightforward procedure. In just a few minutes, you get the information regarding your camera.


Launch Webcam Tester

To use the Webcam tester, you need to launch the Device Checker website on any browser. Make sure you are connected to the internet and you can proceed to the next steps to take the test.


Allow Access

On launching the tool, a pop-up will appear on the top left corner, asking you to allow access to the camera. Allow it and you are ready to go.


Verify Your Webcam Is Working

Once you are all set, you can begin the test, and see if your webcam is functioning properly. You can see it on your screen, and can check if there is any pixelation, frame delay or lagging and take actions accordingly.

How Does Webcam Test Help You?

When You Purchase New Webcam

When purchasing a new webcam, you are often in a rush, and you need to check your webcam's quality quickly. At that time, the best option is to use the webcam checker that provides critical information about your webcam without manually entering the details.

Check Quality Of Laptop Webcam

The same camera test also helps you test the quality of your laptop webcam. The best part about this tool is that it even provides those technical details that are not possible for you to find manually.

Check Your Webcam Features

You also test the critical webcam features, including quality rating, frame rate, stream type, PNG/JPEG File size, number of colors, lightness, brightness, luminosity, hue, saturation and aspect ratio,

Useful Before Joining Online Meeting

This test is most useful before an impromptu office meeting. Just visit the website, check the quality, and you get to know whether or not the particular laptop's camera is suitable for your official meeting.

To Check FPS (Frame Per Second) Of Webcam

This webcam test also determines the FPS after some measurements. It also lets you find out how many FPS renders your camera. When your camera has low FPS, it results in lagging and other technical issues.


feature 1

Safe & Secure

The process of testing the webcam requires video or screenshots. But as soon as you complete the test, the data is wiped from the browser, which ensures 100% security of your confidential data.

feature 2

Record Video & Take a Screenshot

Our tool also allows us to take videos and take screenshots seamlessly. The process is straightforward, and you do not need to install any software on your PC. Just visit the site and start recording with one click. You can also apply various filters while recording your video.

feature 3

Platform Independent

You get 100% platform independence with our webcam test. As there is no need to install the setup on your device, you can use the test on any device, including your smartphone. Tablet, PC and laptop This tool is handy, and you can start testing the webcam or recording videos anywhere you want!

feature 4

Easy Online Access

Using this tool is also pretty simple. Just visit the website and start using the webcam after allowing access to your device.

What If Webcam Test Fails?

Try Different Browser

Now, there may be a chance that our tool does not work properly on your browser. In this case, you may try other browsers and then use the webcam test again. Due to cache and residual files, some software or tools do not support your browser. Try cleaning the cache or use another browser for the same task in this condition.

Check Webcam Connection

To use the webcam test, your device must have a proper connection to the system. Make sure that the camera cables are properly connected and have no damages. Ensure that the camera is completely connected to its USB port and has no obstructions blocking its view. You can also check the manufacturer's website for any specific instructions on connecting the device to your system. It's also a good idea to try a different port to make sure that the issue isn't related to the port itself.

Turn On Webcam Switch

Today, laptops and PCs come with webcam switches to avoid data leakage. Before taking the test, make sure you turn on the webcam switch.

Check if the webcam is working properly

Another thing you need to check is if the reason the cam test won't work is that your webcam is broken. You can also test your in-built camera first to see if the problem lies in your webcam.

Update Driver

Download the latest drivers for your webcam. To do so, you need to search your camera model name on Google by 'Name of the MODEL + driver.' Once you find the driver for your model, download and install appropriate drivers for your webcam; if already downloaded, you can try updating the drivers from your PC by Automatically searching for drivers.

Webcam Essentials You Should Know

Before testing the webcam and getting details about the quality, you must know the basic webcam essentials.

Webcam FPS

Frames per second (FPS) suggests the pictures your camera takes in a second. You must know that a video is nothing but multiple shots. And when your FPS is higher, you get smoother streaming without disruptions. Generally, a webcam comes with 30 fps, considered high quality for any situation.


The webcam or camera of any device must have high pixels. Pixel decides the quality of the video or the image. The higher the pixel, your video or picture will likely be clearer. Typically, a 1080p webcam is what you get with any device, which is considered okay.


Just like the pixels, the resolution also needs to be higher. Higher resolution webcams of 2k or 4k may be too much for office or daily meetings but an excellent number for video recording and editing. Some platforms such as YouTube and Twitch work better in 2k and often degrade the quality in 4K because it does not support 4k files.

Low-Light Correction

Low-light correction works like autofocus. As the name suggests, the low-light correction features brighten and adjust the brightness even when you are in a dark room. This feature is an excellent option when you are somewhere too dark to use the webcam early in the morning. The low-light correction gives an illuminating glow to your face; typically, every webcam has this feature.


There are various ways to test your camera. One option that is 100% free and easy to use is our webcam test. The same tool is useful when testing the microphone of your camera. You get all the detailed information about your webcam and microphone in just a few minutes.

If you do not allow access to your webcam or microphone for any reason. You can easily enable your webcam in your browser in the following steps:

  1. Launch Chrome browser.
  2. Click More in the top right corner, followed by Settings.
  3. Click on Camera or Microphone, then Site Settings, then Privacy and security.
  4. Review the blocked and authorized websites.
  5. Enable a website you have previously blocked: Select the name of the website you previously blocked and change ‘Not Allowed’ to ‘Allowed.’

Sometimes, the OS blocks your webcam. When this is the case, follow these steps: Windows start button> Settings> Privacy
Once done, allow access to your camera and microphone, which should unblock your webcam.