How To Fix LG Monitor Turning On And Off Issue?

Monitors are one of the most crucial elements in the system that helps users access their input and other results.

LG has been known for its exceptional build and premium quality monitors that deliver an exceptional experience. 

However, most users have reported some turning on and off issues, which can be caused due to many reasons, such as the use of faulty cables or outdated drivers. It can be troublesome and can ruin your productivity.

But, do not worry as you have arrived at the right article. Today, we will learn about ways to fix the LG monitor issue and the reasons associated with it. 

So, without waiting any further, let us dive right into the article.

Why LG Monitor Turning On And Off?

Here we have discussed some of the popular reasons that lead to the malfunction issue in your LG monitor. 

1. Loose Or Damages Cable

One of the most common reasons for a monitor or display turning off and on again is the presence of any loss or damaged cables.

It is vital to check for any signs of physical damage to the cables and replace them or use a different one to see if the problem has been resolved. 

2. Damaged Monitor

Factors such as excessive pressure and extreme temperatures can affect the performance of the display and can cause it to turn on and off, leading to issues.

Users should inspect the hardware for any signs of damage, like cracks, and get it repaired. 

3. Loose Connection

Having a loose cable connection to the monitor affects the power supply or flow of resources to the monitor, which causes hindrance in the performance and leads to malfunction of the display.

In such a case, you must replace the cables and ensure that they are not strained excessively to prevent any damage to them. 

4. Power Supply Issue

Power supply issue arises due to the inaccurate or mismanaged connection owing to the power cable.

Thus, ensure to check for any faults with the power flow to the monitor that may be potentially causing the monitor to respond improperly.  

5. Faulty Graphic Card

The pairing of faulty or incompatible graphic cards with the monitor and the system can also affect the functioning of the monitor, which can cause trouble for the user in displaying the input and other associated results. 

6. Monitor Overheating

Overheating the monitor due to excessive temperatures can cause the display device to perform strangely.

Furthermore, it can also be due to the gathering of dust particles that can trigger the hardware to get heated more quickly. 

7. Faulty Driver

Faulty or outdated drivers can lead to compatibility issues with the hardware and can affect the functioning of the LG monitor by turning it on and off on their own.

It is crucial to update to the latest version of drivers to eliminate any bugs or glitches for a better experience. 

How To Fix LG Monitor Turning On And Off Issue?

Now that you know the causes that lead to this issue let’s move on to the potential solutions which can help alleviate the problem. 

1. Restart Monitor

The issue may be related to the software. Thus, try restarting the monitor using the following steps. 

  • Shut down the system by navigating to the Windows button and selecting the power tab. 
  • Under the list of power options, choose to shut down the system.
  • Once the system is turned off, plug out the power cable from the back of the monitor and put it back on. 
  • Restart the system to see if the problem has been resolved. 

2. Check Power Supply

To ensure that the monitor is receiving optimum power supply, check for any faults with the power cable. 

Look for signs of physical damage and get the power supply replaced. 

3. Replace Cable

Replacing the cable should be considered by the user if you have tried replacing the power supply and still face the same issues. 

Ensure that the cables are connected properly to the monitor’s end and the system and are not tensed in any manner.

4. Disable Screen Saver

Follow the given steps to disable the screensaver to fix the turning on and off simultaneously. 

  • Navigate to the search dialog box using the Windows icon on the taskbar. 
  • Search for the screensaver to adjust the screen saver settings
  • From the drop-down menu under the Screen Saver tab, choose None to disable the screen saver. 
  • Save the changes using Apply and check if the monitor displays such signs again. 

5. Change The Power Setting

The monitor may have been adjusted according to the power-saving mode that consumes energy by turning it off after some time. To change the power settings, follow the given steps. 

  • Navigate to the Run dialogue box using the shortcut Windows + R
  • Search for powercfg. cpl to locate the power options. 
  • Under the Edit plan settings tab, turn off the display time by selecting Never from the drop-down menu. 
  • Save the changes to resolve the turning off and on problem. 

6. Run PC In Safe Mode

  • To run down the PC in safe mode, press and hold down the F8 key before the Windows begins loading.
  • A list of options will be provided to you. Choose Safe mode from the available options using the keyboard and hit enter. 
  • The system will now begin in Safe mode. Check if the monitor is showing any issues during this mode or not. 

7. Change Resolution And Refresh Rate

The limitation of the monitor to display higher resolutions than their ability can cause them to turn off and on repeatedly. 

Follow the given steps to change the resolution and refresh rate by following these simple steps. 

  • Head to Settings on the system using either the start menu or shortcut key, Windows + I.  
  • Under the System tab, choose the Display option
  • Head to the scale and layout option, adjust the resolution to cater to your needs and save the changes. 
  • It is recommended to save the resolution similar to the actual resolution of the monitor for better performance and results. 

8. Replace The Graphic Card

The issue with your LG monitor can lie due to outdated graphic cards. Thus, it is better to switch and replace your graphic card with the latest one to fix any issues arising due to it. 

Follow the given steps to replace the graphic card. 

  • Turn off the entire system and pull out the power cable connected to the supply. 
  • Head towards the CPU panel and remove the cables connected to the graphic card. 
  • Unscrew the clips and latches to access the hardware. 
  • You will also need to plug out the graphic card from the PCI-e slots holding it at the current position. 
  • Take out the new graphic card and plug it into the PCI-e slot and tap on it gently until you hear a pop sound. 
  • Tighten the screws and reconnect the cables to the graphic card and the supply box. 
  • Restart the system. It is possible that the system would also update the drivers of the new card to the latest version on its own. 
  • Users can remove any previously existing outdated drivers or tools used with the card to free up space. 

9. Update Display And Monitor Driver

Follow the steps to update the display or monitor drivers to their latest version.

  • Head to the Device Manager settings using the shortcut Windows + X
  • Expand the Display options by double-clicking on them. 
  • Right-click on your monitor or device from the given lists and choose to Update drivers. 
  • Choose to update the drivers automatically to install the latest drivers to your system. You can also do it manually by downloading them using the browser and browsing them using the wizard menu manually. 

10. Update Window

Follow the steps to update Windows to fix any glitches, bugs, or other minor challenges with the hardware. 

  • Navigate to the Settings menu using Windows + I.
  • Choose the Updates and Security tab and select Check for Updates. 
  • The system will now check for updates and if found will install the latest versions. You will also need to restart the PC once the process is complete. 

What Will You Do If the Above Solution Does Not Work?

If you have tried all the above solutions and still have not figured out a way to fix LG monitor turning on or off, you may need to contact the nearest LG service center. Users can also contact customer support at Contact No: 080 6937 9999 or Email: [email protected] 

We also advise you to only contact them during working hours 10 Am- 6 Pm. For more information, you can navigate to the official LG website


How Can I Reset My LG Monitor?

You can try resetting your LG monitor by shutting down your entire system and rebooting again. Furthermore, for more advanced users, you can consider plugging out the power cables and connecting them again before starting the system. 

Why Is My LG Monitor Flickering?

Monitoring flickering issues pertains due to the use of outdated device drivers. Use the steps mentioned above in the article to download and install the latest version to avoid any screen issues. 

What Are The Warranty Options For LG Monitors?

LG guarantees a warranty for their monitors for around three years. After the end of the period, you can still get the hardware or the device repaired at the service center by paying a premium for the service. 


Most of the issues with the LG monitor are related to faulty cables or driver issues which can be resolved by following simple steps as mentioned in the article.

It is vital to avoid straining the cables and any physical damage to the device as it will force you to switch to a different monitor. 

We hope you liked the article. 

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