How To Fix The White Spot On A Laptop Screen?

A white spot on your laptop will be the last thing you wish to see on your display. It can be due to multiple reasons, such as dead pixels, hardware or software issues, or more. It can be annoying and can affect your productivity. 

In today’s article, we will learn about the causes leading to white spots on your display and how to fix them accordingly. 

So, without any waiting, let us jump right into the article.

Causes Of White Spot On A Laptop Screen

1. Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels are the most common cause that leads to a white patch on your screen, which can be frustrating.

Such pixels fail to display the colors properly. In other words, they are unresponsive, and a cluster of dead pixels appears as a white patch on the display. 

2. Pressure Damage

As the name suggests, excessive pressure on the display can cause white spots. It can also be caused by putting heavy objects directly on the screen, which can damage the display. 

One of the most common examples of pressure damage is when you order a monitor online and due to mishandling or negligence from the seller, the display gets damaged causing white spots. 

3. Liquid Damage

Laptop screens are vulnerable to moisture or liquids. Thus, any liquid spill on the display can damage the screen and cause white spots. 

4. Age And Wear

Users can also observe white spots on their laptops due to the normal wear and tear of the display. It is one of the most common reasons for this issue.

5. Manufacturing Defects

Similar to old laptops or devices, new units are also prone to white spots owing to manufacturing defects. Such spots are visible from the time of purchase or appear gradually over time. 

6. Hardware Issues

Hardware problems such as damaged or broken cables, faulty backlights, and loose connections can also contribute to white spots on the display.

Failing of backlights is also a common hardware issue in traditional monitors that results in a blurry screen or odd color patterns.  

7. Software Issues

Inaccurate display settings customized by the user, incompatible display, or use of outdated display drivers can lead to white spots on your laptop screens, which can cause challenges for the user. 

8. Led Reflectors

The use of faulty or damaged LED reflectors located behind the display can also disrupt the functioning of the laptop screen and cause white spots on the display. 

How To Fix The White Spot On A Laptop Screen?

Below we have discussed some possible ways you can fix the white spot on a laptop screen and improve your overall user experience. 

1. Dead Pixel Fixer Tool

A dead pixel fixer tool is software available online on the internet that helps to heal the white spots on your display.

Users need to download the tool and launch it while following the instructions provided to fix the issue. 

Dead Pixel Test is a popular platform where you can locate the white spots on your display quickly with the help of different colors on the screen.

You can also use the Dead Pixel Check application on the Microsoft store to locate any issues with the display. 

  Follow the given steps to check for dead pixels using simple steps. 

  • Head to the website or install the software to launch the dead pixel tool. 
  • Start the Test by pressing Test the Screen option available. The tool or the website will now display different colors on the screen that will help you check for any dead pixels, as they will be different from the others. 
  • Locate the pixels using such a technique and then try out methods stated in the later part of the article to fix the white patches or unresponsive pixels.  

2. Rubbing The Screen With A Cloth

Before trying this method, it is vital to state that you must remove the power cable from the display. 

After removing the cable, gently clean the areas of white spots using a cloth till they disappear. Avoid putting too much pressure on the screen as it can damage the display. 

3. Fixing Pressure Damage Using A Hairdryer

Users can also use the heat generated by the hair dryer to fix the white spots on the display. You only need to unplug the display and blow heat using a hairdryer on the white spots gently to restore the pixels on the screen.

4. Using A Cleaning Solution

One of the simple ways to fix the white patches on your laptop screen is by using a cleaning solution available on the market.

Sparkle some solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe the areas of white spots gently. It is vital to state that you should let the screen dry up before plugging in the power again.

Ammonia Or Bleach is the most common cleaning solution you can use for cleaning and fixing the white patches on the display. 

5. Replacing The LCD Screen

If the white spots are still prevalent on your screen after trying all the methods, consider replacing the LCD screen with a new one.

If your display is covered under warranty, you can have it replaced without paying the premium.

6. Adjusting Display Settings

  • Adjusting the display settings on your system can help you lower the area of white spots or make them less noticeable.
  • Navigate to the System settings and adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color visibility to see if the white patches are less visible or not. 
  • You can also adjust the intensity of the values between high, low, or medium as per your needs. 

7. Fixing Manufacturing Defects

In case of manufacturing defects, you can try any of the above-stated techniques or contact your nearest technical support to assist you with the issue.

Furthermore, you can also have your display replaced if the product is covered under warranty.  

8. Contacting The Manufacturer

Users can contact the manufacturers or authorized service centers and raise a complaint regarding the issue and gain more insights regarding the issue. 

9. Using A Warranty Or Guarantee

If your product is still covered under the warranty or guarantee provided by the manufacturers, they will replace it and provide you with a fresh unit. 

Note: There are specific periods of warranty & guarantee for the laptop screen mentioned about it.

Preventing White Spots On A Laptop Screen

1. Regular Cleaning

To avoid any white spots from popping out on your laptop screen, it is recommended to clean your display regularly with the help of microfiber clothes gently or by using a cleaning solution. 

2. Safe Storage

Users can also ensure safety from sudden falls or damage by using a protective case for their laptops. You must also avoid putting heavy objects on top of the display as it can lead to a faulty display. 

3. Avoiding Exposure To Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures such as direct sunrays or cold climates can contribute to damaging your display. Thus, avoid using the laptop under such conditions to avoid any white spots on the display. 


Can I Fix A White Spot On My Laptop Screen Myself?

Yes, users can easily fix a white spot on the laptop screen by following the above-mentioned tips. 

Cleaning gently with a microfiber cloth or using a dead pixel remover tool are some notable ways to resolve the issue.

How Do I Know If The White Spot Is Caused By A Malfunctioning Pixel Or A Faulty Screen Driver?

If the fault lies with the use of outdated display drivers, try updating the drivers to their latest version. 

On the contrary, if the issue does not get resolved, it may be caused by a malfunctioning pixel. 

How Do I Fix A White Spot Caused By A Malfunctioning Pixel?

Try using a cleaning solution to gently wipe the display by putting a solution on a microfiber cloth. 

You can try the dead pixel remover tool available on the internet or update your display drivers to fix the white spots on your screen.

How Do I Fix A White Spot Caused By A Faulty Screen Driver?

  • White spots caused by a fault screen driver can be corrected using the following steps. 
  • Head to the Device Managers tab using the search menu. 
  • Locate the Display Adapters option and choose your display. 
  • Under the driver’s tab, press Automatically Search for Drivers to install the latest drivers for your display. 


White spots can be annoying and can affect your productivity. With the use of stated tips and tricks, users can easily resolve the issue to improve the overall visual experience.

Cleaning solutions and using dead pixel remover tools are some simple ways to fix it. 

However, for manufacturing or hardware-related issues causing white spots, it would be better to contact the service center for insights.

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