How to Unpair Xbox One Controller from the Console

Unpairing an Xbox One controller from your console is a straightforward process that can be useful for troubleshooting issues, switching to a different controller, or preparing to connect it to another device.

In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to unpair your Xbox One controller, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Unpair The Xbox One Controller From The Console

Unpairing the console can simply solve the connection issues, as I mentioned above. For that, there are a few methods that are discussed below in detail.

Unpair Using Pair Button

We can unpair the Xbox One controller from the console using the Pair button on the controller. For that, go through the steps noted down below.

  • Hold down the play button for 10 seconds on your controller located next to your recharging port.
  • The important thing is holding the button until the controller vibrates twice.
  • If the two vibrations are over, release the button. The vibrations will notify you that the controller is unpaid from the console.
  • When you turn on your Xbox One controller, the light will begin to flicker, and when you reconnect your Xbox One to the console, the light will cease blinking.

Using Light Button

A light button can also help unpair the controller from the console.

  • On your controller, press and hold the light button. Your screen will show a menu.
  • You have three alternatives, reset your Xbox One, disable your controller, or shut down your controller from the menu. Choose the option to shut down the controller.
  • If you turn off your Xbox One controller, it may become a reason to fail to turn off your console.
  • This time, find the controller button on your console and press the button once.
  • This will help shift the device into standby mode.
  • For around ten seconds, press and hold the light button once more. Then your Xbox One console will turn off.

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Using USB Cable 

The last method that you can use to unpair the controller from the Xbox One console

  • Plug in the USB-C-type cable to the controller.
  • The other end should be connected to your console.
  • On the top of your Xbox One controller, there is a small button.
  • For around three seconds, hold down the button.
  • The unpairing is done. So you need to remove the USB-C cable from the console and the controller.

The controller will start blinking; this indicates that the controller is unpaid from the console.

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Why My Xbox Controller Is Not Pairing Again

You tried three methods to unpair your controller from the console. Now you need to pair the controller with a console. But not pairing. Do you know why? There are various reasons for that.

Dead Batteries

If the pairing is not successful, the dead batteries may be a reason for that. If the batteries on your controller are not rechargeable, you need to remove the dead ones and replace them with new ones.

If the controller has a rechargeable battery, then charge it to full charge. Be careful to use a proper charger, and the charger should be in good condition. If the charger is not good, it cannot charge the controller properly.

Controller Is Away From Console

There is only a wireless connection between the controller and the console. For all wireless connections, it is mandatory that the distance between the connecting devices be between 19-28 ft.

If the distance between the controller and the console is greater than that, they cannot pair. So always make sure to place the controller and the console within 19 to 28 feet.

Interruption From Other Devices

You should be very careful that there should not be any devices like laptops, microwaves, or any other furniture placed near the console and the controller.

If those devices or furniture can interfere with the proper connection between the controller and console. 

Restart Console

You can restart the console, which can help pair the controller and console successfully.

To restart the console follow below steps.

  • Find and press the Xbox button located on the front of your device to turn it off.
  • Unplug the power cords from the socket for 30 seconds.
  • Then turn on your Xbox One after re-connecting everything.
  • Now try to pair the controller and the console.

Multiple Controllers Connected To The Console 

A console can successfully pair with eight controllers at a time. If more than eight controllers are paired with the console, it won’t pair correctly.

If you paired and used your controller with another console before and now it is near your range, the controller will pair with that one. So your controller can’t connect with your console at the same time.

Another issue is that if there are many Xbox One systems nearby, your controller will automatically sync with them as you turn it on. This problem will occur whenever you link your controller to a computer.

So in this situation, you need to avoid overlapping. Just turn off and unplug the unwanted devices. Then turn on the desired console and connect your controller to it.


How Do I Switch My Xbox Controller To Another Console?

The controller will automatically reconnect with the most recent Xbox console it was linked to when the Pair button is double-pressed when the controller is attached to a Bluetooth device.

Hold down the Pair button to reconnect to the connected Bluetooth device after pairing mode has started.

Can An Xbox Controller Be Paired With 2 Devices?

The controller can only be linked to one Xbox and one other device at a time.


In conclusion, unpairing an Xbox One controller from your console is a simple process. 

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily disconnect your controller when needed, whether it’s to use it with another device or troubleshoot connectivity issues. 

Remember that keeping your gaming accessories organized and well-maintained ensures a smoother gaming experience overall.

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