How To Remove Black Spot On iPhone Screen?

iPhones have a huge fanbase among today’s generation for their unique features that set them apart from other smartphone brands. What fascinates users more about it is its sleek design and amazing camera quality.

However, some iPhone users have reported the appearance of a bubble-like black spot on their screens after using the device for a while. If the black spot is small, there’s a possibility that it could disappear on its own.

But if it keeps expanding gradually with time, it can significantly impact the overall appearance of the device. It is a serious issue and needs to be resolved immediately. 

In today’s article, we will explore what are the causes of these black spots and provide a complete solution guide on removing them from iPhone screens.

Causes Of Black Spot On iPhone Screen

If you find a black spot on your screen and wonder how it appears, then here is the answer to your question. Below are listed various causes of Black Spot on iPhone Screens:

1. Dead Or Stuck Pixels

A black spot on your screen is commonly caused by a few pixels that stopped functioning. These dead pixels can result due to various factors like manufacturing defects, physical damage, or battery-related issues.

There are possibilities that the problem lies with the stuck pixels rather than the dead pixels. Stuck pixels result in displaying the wrong color and are a less severe situation when compared to dead pixels.

2. Damaged LCD Screen

 If you have recently met with an accident or your phone has fallen from a height, then it is likely that the LCD screen has been damaged.

The accumulation of dust and debris results in obstructions that block the backlight, leading to the appearance of a black area on the screen, or a damaged backlight itself can also contribute to the presence of a black spot on the screen.

3. High/low Temperature

An increase or decrease in temperature is another factor that can cause black spots to appear on your iPhone screen.

If you use your phone extensively for prolonged periods, you might have observed that it tends to heat up.

Over time, this overheating can lead to LCD bleeding, which often results in a black spot on the screen.

4. Manufacturing Defect

In some cases, the problem comes from the manufacturing side itself during the production of the phone.

During the manufacturing process, it is essential for the liquid in the LCD to be distributed evenly across the screen.

If this LCD distribution is not efficient, then there is a high possibility that the screen develops a black spot over time.

5. Moisture Lock

It is rightly said to take necessary precautions while using phones. When water spills, moisture enters the device and affects the display components, including the LCD screen.

This can lead to issues such as water damage or condensation buildup, resulting in black spots or other display abnormalities.

6. Virus Attack

If a virus attacks your device, then it likely takes over the entire phone and affects your phone’s software and processor, which may result in the development of black spots on your screen.

All one can do is perform a thorough scan using reliable antivirus software to get rid of viruses.

How To Remove Black Spot On iPhone Screen?

Before proceeding with removing the black spot on your iPhone screen, it’s advisable to perform a Dead Pixel Test iPhone to confirm the issue.

After going through the various causes of the black spots, now let us dive into the possible solutions to remove these from the iPhone screen:-

1. Clean The Screen With A Soft Cloth

Gently cleaning the screen with a soft cloth is the initial step to remove the black spots. Apply alcohol on a soft cloth and gently wipe downwards until the spot vanishes.

Rubbing alcohol is generally considered safe to use on screens and shouldn’t cause any damage.

2. Check For Physical Damage

If your iPhone experienced a significant impact from a fall, then it causes damage to the LCD, which results in the rise of black spots on the screen.

So carefully check the screen for any signs of damage, such as cracks, scratches, or dents, and pay extra attention to the areas where the black spots appear. If any physical damage is found, then seek professional help to get over it.

3. Remove The Screen Protector Or Case

To clean your phone with a piece of soft cloth or to check for damage that causes black spots, it is recommended to remove the screen protector or case using the below steps:-

  • Turn your phone off for a while, and then turn it back on.
  •  Remove the screen protector and check if the case is damaged instead of the screen itself.
  • After removing the case, if there is an accumulation of dust and debris over the screen, then clean it properly.

4. Reset Or Update The Software

Before opting for professional repair for your iPhone, one essential preventive measure is to perform a complete backup of your iPhone.

In situations where the screen is not functioning, one method to back up your device is by using iTunes using the below procedure:-

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer by using the lightning cable provided with your device.
  • If any message pops up, click on “Trust This Computer” on your iPhone.
  • Open iTunes on your PC and click on the “Devices” tab.
  • Head to the “Summary” section.
  • Now locate the “Backups” section and tap on the option “This computer.”
  • Click on the “Back up now” option, and once done, tap on ‘Done.’

5. Contact Apple Service Center

 If none of the above-mentioned methods resolved the issue, it is recommended to visit a nearby Apple service center.

By contacting an Apple service center, you seek the help of a professional technician who can resolve the issue effectively.

Contact 000800 040 1966 or email at [email protected] to get in touch with the Service center.

6. Prevention Tips To Avoid Black Spots on iPhone

1. Handle With Care

Mobile phones are delicate devices that need to be carefully maintained. One must handle their iPhone with the utmost care from falling off or coming in contact with water.

It is recommended to use a screen protector to avoid damaging your phone.

2. Avoid Overheating

Once you find your phone heats up, then get cautious and keep it aside immediately. Also, avoid overcharging your phone.

Once your phone reaches 100% battery charge, it is recommended to unplug it promptly to prevent overcharging, which impacts battery health.

Furthermore, using cheap chargers should be avoided to avoid overheating.

3. Clean iPhone Screen Regularly

One of the common causes is the accumulation of dust and debris over the screen. It is crucial to regularly clean your screen with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol to avoid the occurrence of black spots on your mobile screen.


1. Do Black Spots Affect The Functionality Of An iPhone?

Black spots occurrence on the screen obstructs the display and degrades the usability of your phone. It also affects the touch sensitivity of the iPhone.

2. Can Black Spots On The Screen Spread?

If preventive measures are not taken, and the dead or stuck pixels issue is not resolved, then the black spots spreads over the entire screen.

3. Will Remove Black Spots Void The Iphone’s Warranty?

Black spots generally arise due to LCD damage or dead pixels, which are hardware problems. Dealing with the hardware issues on your own and opening up the device without technical help can void the phone’s warranty.

4. Are There Any Temporary Fixes For Black Spots?

All the solutions mentioned above, like cleaning your phone’s screen, updating the outdated software, and checking for any physical damage, are all temporary fixes to remove the black spots.

The only possible way to get rid of these black spots permanently is to go to the nearby Apple store and seek professional help.


The occurrence of black spots is really frustrating and is a result of many hardware issues like LCD damage and overheating.

Regardless of the cause, it is crucial to avoid touching the black spots with bare fingers and applying pressure which causes the spots to spread over.

It is advisable to handle your phone with care with proper screen protection to avoid the appearance of black spots.

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