How To Turn Off Flashlight on iPhone When Ringing?

A flashlight on your iPhone is handy when you wish to find objects in a dark place. 

However, the flashlight on iPhone offers multiple options, such as customizing settings to turn on flashlights automatically. 

Despite its handy nature, most users reported that sometimes the flashlight turns on while ringing, which causes discomfort. 

Thus, in this article, we will discuss ways in which you can turn off your light in the device and rectify the issue to improve your overall user experience. 

So, without waiting, let us jump into the article. 

How To Turn Off Flashlight On iPhone When Ringing?

1. Turn Off The Flashlight Feature

Follow the steps to switch off the light feature on your iPhone while ringing. 

  • Navigate to the Settings menu, followed by the Accessibility tab. 
  • Locate the Hearing section and choose the Audio/Visual option. 
  • Select the tab mentioning LED Flash for Alerts and press the toggle button to disable this feature. 
  • You can turn the light back on by following the same steps and toggling the option to restore the settings. 

2. Using The Control Center To Turn Off The Flashlight When Ringing

You can also turn off the flashlight using the Control Center on your iPhone. Follow the given steps stated as follows. 

  • Unlock your iPhone by tapping on the screen. 
  • Navigate to the Control Center. 
  • Look for the Flashlight symbol highlighted if the settings are active. Users need to tap on the icon to turn off the flashlight. 

3. Using The Settings App To Turn Off The Flashlight When Ringing

Follow the given instructions to turn off the flashlight using the settings app. 

  • Navigate to the settings option on your device and locate the General tab.
  • Under the General tab, locate the Accessibility option.
  • Toggle the LED Flash Alerts to disable the feature to avoid disturbance while ringing. 

4. Alternative Ways To Turn Off The Flashlight When Ringing

Aside from the above options, you can also use SIRI to turn off the light by following the given steps. 

  • Call Siri using the voice command Hey Siri.
  • Once it responds, ask it to disable the lights by giving the command to Turn off the flashlight. 
  • Furthermore, if you are using any third-party flashlight application, you can navigate to the app and disable it using the tool menu. 

How To Customize Your iPhone’s Flashlight Settings?

Test iPhone vibration with the Phone Vibration Tester tool, then customize flashlight settings for an enhanced experience. Optimize performance effortlessly.

Users can also customize their iPhone Flashlight settings to personalize the feature based on their liking to improve their overall user experience. Below are some adjustments you can make to cater to your needs. 

1.  Changing The Flashlight’s Brightness Level

Your device settings are set to a default brightness level which gets enabled when you turn on the light. However, you can adjust the brightness using the following steps. 

  • Navigate to the Control Center on your iPhone. 
  • Locate the flashlight icon and hold it while pressing to pop up a slider. 
  • You can adjust the slider based on your needs to boost or lower the brightness of the flashlight. 

2. Changing The Flashlight’s Color Temperature

It is crucial to state that changing the flashlight color feature is only available for variants of iPhone XR and above.

Follow the instructions to tweak the flashlight color temperature on your device for enhanced customizations. 

  • Look for the Control Center tab and navigate to the flashlight icon. 
  • Press and hold the icon to generate additional options. Navigate to the Temperature tab and press it to toggle between available options from which you can choose.
  • Choose the option based on your needs, and the updated settings will be applied to your flashlight color temperature. 

3. Choosing When The Flashlight Is On Or Off By Default

Based on the default settings, the flashlight on your device will be turned off when you lock your iPhone.

However, if you wish to turn it on, you can customize the settings to adjust the enabling or disabling the light to cater to your needs. 

Follow the given steps to customize the toggling of the flashlight on your iPhone. 

  • Navigate to the Settings menu, followed by Access within Apps. 
  • Toggle the option to enable access to the Control Center despite using other applications. 
  • Search for the Flashlight icon in the center and switch it on or off to allow the flashlight to stay on or off based on your choice.


What Is The Flashlight Feature On The iPhone?

The flashlight feature on the iPhone allows users to access the camera’s flash to cater to their needs at times of low light.

It serves as an alternative source of lightning in dim areas to assist the user. You can also customize the lights to improve your overall user experience. 

How Can I Turn Off The Flashlight When Using The Camera App On My iPhone?

Follow the given steps to turn off the light on your device using the camera app. 

  • Unlock the iPhone by tapping on the locked screen. 
  • Push the screen to the left side in the same way as you launch the camera application. 
  • The flash would be disabled on its own by such measures. 

How Do I Know If My iPhone’s Flashlight Is Turned On Or Off?

Users can check the status of their iPhone’s flashlight by checking if the LED Flash on the rear side of the device is lit or not. Furthermore, you can also check the flash using the device settings. 

Navigate to the Control Center and locate the light icon. If the icon is active or illuminated, the flashlight will be enabled. Similarly, if the icon is dim, the flashlight will be inactive. 

Is There A Way To Change The Color Of The Flashlight On My iPhone?

Yes, you can change the color of the flashlight on your device by following the below stated instructions. 

  • Navigate to the Control Center and hold the flashlight icon to generate additional options. 
  • Locate the color tab and choose any color from the available options to personalize the flashlight color based on your needs.
  • It is also crucial to state that such settings can only be adjusted for iPhone 8 or above variants. 

Can I Turn Off The Flashlight Feature For Specific Apps?

No, the flashlight feature on the iPhone cannot be turned off for specific applications on the device.

The reason is that the services of the tool are available to all system-wide applications.

Thus, no exceptions can be made. However, you can still personalize the settings and apply them to cater to your needs. 


The flashlight feature while attending to any calls or ringing is sometimes helpful. However, it can also disrupt the user experience as it can get annoying. 

The instructions mentioned in the article will help you apply settings to the flashlight based on your needs. 

Users can also customize the flashlight features to personalize their experience to suit their preferences. 

By following such instructions, you can improve productivity using your device features and exploit them to your advantage. 

It is also crucial to state that the above instructions are only applicable to the inbuilt flashlight feature. 

If the user relies on any third-party flashlights, you will have to enable or disable the flashlight using the applications without the use of the Control Center. 

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