How To Reset A Magic Trackpad? (Complete Guide)

A Magic trackpad is one of the most popular accessories developed by Apple. The device helps users operate their Apple devices using touch gestures that improve their overall user experience. 

However, despite its flawless functionality, the trackpad faces several issues requiring you to reset the device. It can be challenging for most users.

Thus, in this article, we will learn about different ways and reasons for resetting a magic trackpad. 

So, without waiting any further, let us jump into the article. 

Reasons For Resetting A Magic Trackpad

1. The Trackpad Is Not Responding

One of the most common reasons to try resetting your magic trackpad is if the trackpad is not responding to the touch gestures input by the user.

2. The Cursor Is Moving Erratically

Erratic movements related to the cursor can get annoying for most users. Sometimes it reacts on its own and jumps to different parts of the screen that hinders your productivity and focus. 

3. The Trackpad Is Not Connecting To Your Device

Apple magic trackpads rely on Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your devices. If you are facing issues connecting the device to your system, resetting would help fix the issue. 

4. The Trackpad Is Frozen

It is also observed sometimes that the device fails to respond to the user’s gestures or inputs and gets frozen at a particular point which can be troublesome. 

5. The Trackpad Is Not Clicking

Trackpad by Apple also offers physical clicking options to cater to your needs. If your device does not respond to such clicks you may need to reset it to restore the proper settings for smooth functioning. 

How To Reset A Magic Trackpad?

Before setting up the trackpad, ensure functionality by using Online Touchpad Test. Identifying and resolving any issues beforehand guarantees a smoother user experience.

There are many ways in which you can reset a Magic trackpad. Some of the simple and widely popular methods are discussed as follows.

1. Turn On And Off Magic Trackpad

Follow the given steps to turn on and off the Magic trackpad. 

  • Press the Apple logo on your system and navigate to System Preferences. 
  • Under the accessibility tab, select Mouse and Trackpad options and untick the box to turn off the device. 
  • Wait for a while and turn on the Magicpad again by ticking the box to reset it. 

You can also enable or disable the trackpad by sliding the switch located on the backside of the device. A green light can be seen when enabled and no light in case the trackpad is disabled. 

2. Turn On Bluetooth

It is crucial to turn on Bluetooth to allow the smooth functioning of the device. Follow the instructions to turn on the Bluetooth settings on your system. 

  • Select the Apple logo and head toward Settings. 
  • Scroll down and locate the Bluetooth tab and turn it on by clicking on the icon. You can also use the drop-down notification pane to enable the settings. 

3. Connect The Lightning Cable

Users can also connect their wireless devices using a lightning cable to their system using a USB-C to Lightning cable. 

Connect using the cable and wait for around 2 minutes before plugging it out. Such a technique helps to pair the device with Apple systems and fixes the issue faced by the user. 

4. Check For Wireless Interference

Interference from other wireless devices can also affect the functioning of the trackpad which can be annoying. Thus, check for any other available Bluetooth connections. 

Try to disable the nearby connections for better and smooth functioning of the trackpad to improve your productivity. 

5. Factory Reset

Follow the given steps to perform a factory reset of your Apple Magic Trackpad to resolve the issue. 

  • Hold the Options and Shift keys on your keyboard at the same time. 
  • Navigate to the menu bar or the System settings followed by the Bluetooth icon. 
  • Choose Factory Reset All Connected Devices and click OK to make the required changes. 

6. Usual Reset

If you are using the Magicpad on multiple systems, it can be tedious to factory reset the device every time for connectivity. In such cases, you can perform the usual reset through the following steps. 

  • Enable Bluetooth settings by navigating to the menu bar or the System tab. 
  • Click on the Apple logo followed by System Preferences. 
  • Under the Accessibility menu, head to Mouse and Trackpad settings and untick the box to disable the device. 
  • Head back to the Bluetooth menu and set up a connection for a new device. 
  • Hold the power button on your magic pad until the green light appears to flash. 
  • Once this happens, the device will be visible to connect. Choose the trackpad and proceed by clicking Continue to enable it. 

Troubleshooting Common Problems After Resetting

1. The Trackpad Is Not Connecting To The Device

It is possible that the trackpad is not connecting to the user’s device as it has already been used elsewhere.

In such a condition try disconnecting the device from the other system and pair it again to resolve the issue. 

2. The Cursor Is Still Moving Erratically

If the cursor belonging to the trackpad is moving on its own, the problem may be related to software.

Thus, try updating the device’s software to the latest version. It is also possible that the presence of multiple Bluetooth interferences affects the functioning of the trackpad.  

3. The Trackpad Is Still Not Responding

Using the trackpad with wet hands or sticky oily hands can also cause the trackpad to not respond to the user input.

Furthermore, also check if the trackpad battery has been sufficiently charged to deliver smooth performance. 

4. The Trackpad Is Still Frozen

If the trackpad is still frozen, try resetting the device by following the above-stated steps. You may also need to enable Bluetooth to allow pairing with the external Apple keyboard. 


What Should I Do If The Magic Trackpad Is Not Responding To Any Resetting Methods?

If the Magic trackpad fails to respond even after trying out the reset technique and other tips discussed, you may need to contact the Apple service center to gain more insights about the issue and get it repaired if the fault is hardware related. 

What Is The Warranty Period For A Magic Trackpad?

Under Apple Warranty policy, any hardware or software issues related to the Magic trackpad can be covered for one year from the date of purchase.

Is It Safe To Clean A Magic Trackpad Using Water?

Yes, users can clean their trackpad using water poured on a light cloth. However, it is crucial to state that you should remove the batteries from the device from cleaning to avoid any damage to them. 


This was everything you needed to know about Apple Magic Trackpads. Most of the issues related to the keyboard can be corrected by performing the reset method using the mentioned instructions. 

While a factory reset is more suitable for issues related to the pairing of devices, the usual reset would be ideal for other situations.

You can reset the device by turning it off using the power button and enabling it again. 

It is also recommended to avoid using oily hands while using the trackpad or facing multiple Bluetooth connection interference that might hamper your overall user experience. 

We hope you liked the article. 

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