Logitech Mouse Scroll Not Working

If your Logitech mouse scroll wheel suddenly stops working or not responding at all, you should search for the best method to fix the issue.

Try each of the solutions listed below flirtatiously and follow the instructions exactly. Your issue could have a number of fundamental causes, so figure out what is really going on and discover the best remedy.

You only need to read and follow the offered article to get the solution to your issue.

Causes Of Mouse Scroll Not Working 

There are some root causes that are affecting your scroll wheel functionality, if your problem belongs to one of them then you will get the solution.

  • Hardware Problem: There might be chances that your mouse’s scroll wheel is damaged which will reduce the responsiveness of the scroll wheel.
  • Internal Sensor: Mouses could internally damage or may be CMOS sensor is damaged you have to check for internal sensor.
  • Software Conflict : in your computer there are software which are running me interfere with scrolling function that will reduce the working function
  • Battery And Power Problem: If your mouse is wireless then the issue might be low battery of mouse.
  • Operating System: Updated operating system may be not compatible with your mouse that causes scroll wheel not responding issue.
  • Configuration: If the settings are not configured properly with the operating system or third party App which you are using, the improper setting can be the root cause for this problem.

Logitech Mouse Scroll Not Working Fixes

If your Logitech mouse scroll doesn’t work properly, try the steps that follow to see if you can solve the problem:

Restart Laptop/PC

One of the fix for your problem is to restart the PC or laptop because some internal software may interrupt the functioning of your mouse to apply this solution follow the below steps:

  • Click on the windows icon which is present in the left-bottom corner, and click on the power button.
  • From there you will get option for restart your laptop click on that option
  • After this your laptop or Windows PC will restart.

Now check for the function of your mouse. Additionally, verify your mouse functionality using the online mouse test to ensure optimal performance.

Check Connection 

Check for proper connection. There can be two types of mouse i.e wireless or wired mouse.

If you are using wireless the follow the steps below:

  • In your wireless mouse there is one bluetooth receiver available, check that bluetooth receiver by connecting it to another device. If the mouse is working then the problem is in your laptop USB port..
  • Check that your bluetooth receiver is properly connected to your device.
  • Ensure that your wireless mouse is fully charged.
  • Make sure your bluetooth receiver is not damaged or any internal problem.  
  • Check for bluetooth settings on your device, That all necessary options are configured.

 If you are using wired mouse then follow the steps:

  • Check for wires that are not having any internal damage.
  • Check that the “USB Pin” is properly connected to the device port.
  • Open the device manager and click on connectivity option from there you will get the mouse option to check that there are no errors available.

Inspect Mouse For Physical Damage 

Sometimes it happens that your mouse falls down and gets damaged. But that time you don’t recognize that damage so check for any physical damage. By looking at the mouse, you will get the desired output.

  • Remove the mouse from the connecting point to prevent any accidental click.
  • Examine the mouse that does not crack from anywhere.
  • Look for scroll wheels that are not damaged internally or externally.
  • Also check for mouse wires that are not damaged.
  • If you find any damage on the mouse then purchase the new one. 

Check Hyper Scroll Button 

Hyper scroll is the button which is present on top of the mouse and helps you to work fluently.

  • Check that your mouse’s Hyper Scroll button is not stuck or in an intermediate position. To ensure that it is working properly, change it a few times.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with the Hyper Scroll option, it allows you to choose between smooth scrolling and a free-spinning mode for faster scrolling.
  • Ascertain that the button is in the proper position for the required scrolling behaviour.

Change Mouse Scrolling Speed 

Another way to solve your problem is to check your scrolling speed. Sometimes it happens that the speed of scrolling is reduced and this problem will occur.

  • Go to the start and type control panel in the search bar, open the control panel.
  • In the right top corner in the “Control Panel”, you will get the view by option.
  • Go to view by option and select the small icons.
  • After this you will get the list of programs, from there look for the mouse option.
  • Select the “Mouse Option”.
  • One box will be open after clicking on the mouse option.
  • In the mouse option go to “Wheel Option” and from there set the speed.
  • The required speed is 3 but because of issues you need to increase it by 5 to 7.

Update The Logitech G Hub Software

By updating the Logitech G Hub Software, the issue will be resolved to update the software follow the steps:

  • If you don’t have a Logitech G Hub Software installed on your pc / laptop then you need to download software.
  • Open your preferred browser and type Logitech G Hub Software.
  • Open the first website which is shown on your screen, click on it and select your operating system.
  • Do the installation as mentioned or as directed.
  • After installation, open the software and go to the settings.
  • You will get the update if there is any update present.

If you have software is already installed then follow the below steps:

  • Open the software, connect the available logistic device.
  • At the screen if the update is available then it is seen on the screen, select the device which you want to update.
  • At the right-corner of the screen click on the software settings.
  • After clicking on settings the available update will shown, if you want some more information click on that, this will show what actually it includes.
  • This will show the potential cause and what to do during the update.
  • Follow the instructions carefully, otherwise it could cause an issue.
  • After this click on the install button, you will be able to see the progress bar at the bottom of your G Hub Software.

This process will update your Logistic G Hub software.

Clean Your Mouse

Cleaning the mouse can also help you to free yourself from this issue.

  • If there is any dust present on the mouse, clean it with dry cloth.
  • Do not use water to clean the mouse.
  • Clean the connecting point of the mouse as well as the PC or laptop.
  • To clean the mouse internally, disconnect your mouse from the device and open carefully. 
  • Clean it internally by blowing air from the mouth or using dry cloth and gently cleaning the mouse.


How Do I Unlock My Logitech Mouse Scroll?

The Logitech mouse scroll can be unlocked by clicking the “Hyper Scroll” button that is located close to the scroll wheel. This activates the hyper-fast scroll mode, which allows the wheel to spin freely for quick scrolling. To return to the usual scroll mode with notches, press the button again.

How Do I Enable Scrolling On My Logitech Mouse?

Just connect your Logitech mouse to your computer through the USB port (for wired mice) or pair it via Bluetooth (for wireless mice) to enable scrolling. Once related the scrolling functionality should work without any additional configuration. If you run into problems, make sure you have the relevant drivers installed and that your mouse settings are appropriately set up in your operating system.

Why Has My Logitech Mouse Stopped Scrolling?

If your Logitech mouse doesn’t scroll, it may be because of a number of reasons. The reason could be dirt or debris blocking the scroll wheel, outdated or corrupt mouse drivers. Also due to operating system compatibility problems, low battery life, incorrectly configured settings and firmware problems, physical damage. 


Explore possible causes such as hardware damage, software conflicts, low battery (for wireless mice), and compatibility difficulties when experiencing troubles with your Logitech mouse scroll. 

Restart your computer, check connections, update drivers, inspect for physical damage, utilise the Hyper Scroll button, modify scrolling speed, update Logitech G Hub software, and clean the mouse to troubleshoot. 

If the issue persists, please contact Logitech support for more assistance.

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