Ninja Gaming Setup (PC, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, etc)

Everyone wishes to copy or replicate the trend followed by their idols or people who have inspired them.

The same is the case with the gaming industry, where users love to adapt the setup based on their favorite gaming professionals.

Ninja is an exceptional gamer who has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. Most of his fans love to know about the gaming setup of Ninja and try to replicate them for a better gaming experience. 

If you are a Ninja fan who wishes to know about the gaming setup, you have reached the ideal destination. 

So, without much suspense, let us get started. 

Who Is Ninja And Why Is He So Famous?

Richard Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, is a professional gamer who began his journey in 2009 through a well-known game, Halo 3.

Soon, he started screaming and became famous for his performance in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite later on. 

Ninja is one of the most loved gaming professionals and streamers and is known for his skills and the unorthodox gaming setup which separates him from other professionals in the gaming industry. 

Ninja uses a setup that features high-end items that can enhance the gaming experience of an individual if he wishes to replicate the peripherals used by Ninja. 

Specifications For Ninja Gaming Gear

To enhance productivity and efficiency while gaming, Ninja uses the following gears. 

1. Headset

Headsets are one of the most crucial elements for hardcore gaming. They are the essence of Esports, and therefore it is vital to choose the best headsets for an immersive experience.

Ninja prefers Beyerdynamic DT 990 for an unparallel sound experience in gaming titles. 


  • Rich audio quality.
  • Comfortable for long, intense gaming sessions.
  • Sleek dynamics. 
  • Lightweight.


  • Wired headset. 

2. Monitor

Monitors are a crucial part of the gaming setup as they contribute to making gaming more immersive.

As for an export professional like Ninja, he plays on a monitor with high refresh rates. 

Ninja uses Alienware 25 by Dell, which comes with the below-stated features and drawbacks. 


  • High refresh rate favorable for competitive games. 
  • Broad viewing angle.
  • Support G-Sync.


  • Way expensive for a monitor.
  • Do not support 4K or 8K resolution.

3. Mouse

A mouse is the soul of esports gaming titles. Ninja prefers to go with a light in weight Finalmouse X NinjaAir 58 for a rich gaming experience.

Before starting to play the game you should check your mouse performance for a better experience.

There are various free tools are available to test mouse performance. One of the best tools is Mouse Test.

Some pros and cons of this elite gaming mouse are as follows.   


  • Available at an affordable price. 
  • Players can tweak DPI settings based on their liking. 
  • Easy to grab dynamic design. 


  • Do not offer wireless connectivity. 
  • Pores in the mouse can gather dust in them. 

4. Keyboard

Ninja has switched over several keyboards throughout his long career. However, he has given utmost preference to the elite Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical keyboard. Some salient features and drawbacks of this gaming keyboard are as follows. 


  • Quick response time. 
  • No input lag or delay. 
  • Comfortable for long sessions. 


  • Do not offer wireless connectivity. 

As for the mechanical switches, Ninja prefers to go with reliable Cherry MX Red and Speed Silver Switches.

Using these switches provides an intuitive gameplay experience and can be an ideal option for you to consider.

 5. Mousepad

Most gaming professionals use tempting and appealing mouse pads that are unique on their own.

However, Ninja prefers to use a simple yet elegant mouse pad provided by HyperX, the HyperX Fury S Pro X-Large. Some prominent features provided by this mouse pad are as follows.


  • Simple dynamics. 
  • Anti-fray edges for long-term use. 


  • No RGB for RGB lovers. 

Mousepads do not help in improving your gameplay experience. Furthermore, they are only a custom improvement to the gaming setup and depend on your liking.

Players can choose any mouse pad of their liking and use it for a more personalized experience. 

We suggest you go with large or extra-large mouse pads to accommodate the keyboard within the pad for additional comfort. 

Specifications For Ninja Gaming Setup

Moving on to other peripherals used by Ninja in his gaming journey. These peripherals can be considered if you wish to replicate the gaming setup or select some in particular for a personalized experience.

1. Microphone

Microphones are crucial for online gaming as they help players to interact with teammates during intense hours of gameplay.

Ninja uses Electro-Voice RE-20 for streaming and interaction with teammates. Some pros and cons of this microphone are as follows. 


  • Stable sound quality. 
  • Suitable for streaming or broadcasting. 


  • Heavy. 
  • Expensive for a microphone. 

2. Arm

To mount the mic, Ninja prefers Rode PS1 as an arm which is easy to set up. An arm mount is not essential for gaming professionals.

However, if you are a streamer and intend to showcase your gameplay to the world, Arm Mount would contribute to your setup.

Some pros and drawbacks of the Rode PS1 are as follows. 


  • Offer 3-inch vertical reach. 
  • Flexible and supports full rotation. 


  • Develop a creaky noise after some use. 

3. Control Panel

Control Panels are crucial for professional streamers and gamers as they help the players to save time and offer advanced features for a smooth experience.

Ninja opts for the premium-looking Blackmagic Design ATEM that helps him access his cameras and other functions efficiently. 

Some pros and cons of this control panel are as follows. 


  • Advanced features for professional gamers.
  • Easy to use controls. 


  • The convenience would not come cheap. 

4. Webcam

 It is vital to deliver good quality streams to the fans. Therefore, Ninja chooses Logitech Brio Webcam for the best quality streams. Some pros and cons of the Logitech Brio are as follows. 


  • Support 4K recording at 30FPS. 
  • Low light HDR mode for fewer lighting setups.


  • No camera zoom feature. 

5. Camera

Cameras for gaming setups are vital, as they help to provide better quality compared to webcams and can be used as an alternative for webcams or outdoor streaming sessions.

Ninja prefers Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro Camera for delivering quality recordings and content.

Some pros and cons of this elite and premium segment camera are as follows. 


  • External controls for better access. 
  • Night vision feature.
  • Support 4.6K at 60FPS. 


  • Expensive. 

6. Graphics Card

A graphic card is the most vital element of any gaming setup. Powerful the graphic card, richer the gaming experience.

Ninja equips his gaming system with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, which is capable of delivering high FPS for most gaming titles. 

Some pros and cons of the RTX 3070 graphic card are as follows. 


  • Suitable for 2K gaming at high stable FPS. 
  • Ray tracing for a better graphical experience. 
  • HDMI 2.1 support. 


  • High power consumption. 
  • Complex procedure for overclocking.

7. Processor

Ninja uses an Intel core i9-10900k processor to cater to his streaming and gaming needs.

It is a powerful processor for intel and delivers high-quality performance to the users. Some pros and cons of this processor are as follows. 


  • Capable of providing best-in-class gaming performance.
  • High performance with overclocking. 


  • Performance does not come cheap.
  • High power consumption. 


How Much Does Ninja’s Gaming Setup Cost?

If you wish to wish to replicate the exact gaming setup as Ninjas, you will have to spend around $4000-5000. It does not include the camera cost and other expenses for streaming accessories. 

What FPS Does Streamers Use?

Most of the streamers stream at 1080p resolution is fixed at 60FPS. However, streaming at such high quality requires more quality peripherals capable of delivering the required performance.

Do Streamers Play On 4K?

Yes, some streamers play and stream on 4k resolution. However, most streamers prefer 1080p 60FPS as streaming on 4k requires a stable high internet connection, else the stream would lag and hinder the experience of the viewers watching it. 

Does Ninja Have His Fortnite Skin?

Yes, to your surprise, Epic Games and Ninja collaborated in 2020 to launch an exclusive Ninja skin for Fortnite players. He is the only professional with exclusive skin in a popular game. It reflects the popularity of this gaming professional. 

Final Thoughts

This was everything related to the entire gaming setup of Ninja. There is no point in arguing that a similar-looking setup like Ninja will improve the gaming experience by leaps and bounds. 

Players can choose the best accessories from the Ninja setup and make them their own.

It is also crucial to state that the peripherals like a keyboard, monitor, and graphic card would have a major impact on your gaming. 

Therefore, if you wish to adapt to the accessories used by Ninja, you can experience a similar gaming journey once you sharpen your skills.

So, make your decision, and keep practicing until players dream of copying your gaming setup. 

We hope you liked the article. 

Keep Clashing! 

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