How To Connect Onn Soundbar To TV?

The Onn Soundbar is a sleek and effective way to add full surround sound to any home theater setup.

It’s designed to fit perfectly beneath most televisions and comes equipped with Bluetooth, HDMI, and optical connections for easy connection to other sound sources.

With its powerful output, it’s capable of filling even large rooms with clear and crisp sound.

The Onn Soundbar also comes with a subwoofer that can be easily paired with the soundbar for a truly immersive experience.

Different Ways To Connect Onn Soundbar To TV

Connecting the Onn Soundbar to the television is simple. It can be connected via Bluetooth, HDMI, or optical connection.

The Bluetooth connection is the most straightforward, as it only requires the user to pair the soundbar and television together with a few button presses.

An HDMI connection is more complex and requires a compatible cable, but it provides the greatest sound quality.

1. HDMI Cable

Connecting the Onn Soundbar to a television via HDMI cable is one of the simplest ways to do this.

Connecting the soundbar to the television allows for the most direct pathway for sound to travel.

It also provides the best quality of sound for a home theater setup due to its superior sound quality and ability to transmit digital audio signals without any loss of quality.

Connecting via HDMI cable also eliminates the need for additional cables and makes setup straightforward.

2. Aux Cable

Another way to connect the Onn Soundbar to a TV is via an AUX cable. This method offers a direct connection to the soundbar and eliminates the need for additional cables.

The connection is made by plugging the AUX cable into the headphone jack of the television and the AUX input on the soundbar.

Connecting via AUX cable is an ideal solution for those who want to upgrade their audio experience without having to purchase any new cables or components. 

3. Digital Optical Cable

One of the options for connecting the Onn Soundbar to a TV is via a digital optical cable.

This is the most advanced of the three connection methods and offers the highest-quality audio.

Unlike the HDMI and AUX cables, it uses light signals to transfer data and provides a much higher level of sound quality for a more immersive audio experience.

It also allows for digital surround sound, which provides a more immersive sound experience for movies and gaming.

4. Bluetooth Connection

Finally, the Onn soundbar can also be connected to the television via Bluetooth. This is an ideal option for those who want to wirelessly stream audio from any compatible device.

This connection method does not require any cables but does require a Bluetooth-enabled device for the audio to be streamed.

Furthermore, the connection is easy to set up and will not take too long to get going.

Common Issues With Onn Soundbar

Sometimes users can face issues with Onn Soundbar. The Sound Test is designed to evaluate the performance of a soundbar.

It includes a range of audio tracks that cover different frequencies and sound effects.

The test is used to determine the clarity, volume, and overall quality of the soundbar’s output.

1. Soundbar Turn Off While Playing Sound

One of the most common issues with the Onn Soundbar is that it may sometimes turn off unexpectedly while playing sound.

This is usually caused by either a power surge or the soundbar not being properly plugged in.

To prevent this, users should always ensure that their power supply is stable and that the soundbar is plugged in properly.

2. Poor Sound Quality As Compared To TV

Sometimes, users may find that the sound quality coming out of their Onn Soundbar is not quite as good as the sound quality produced by their TV.

This issue is generally caused by the soundbar being set to the wrong audio settings. This can be resolved by adjusting the soundbar’s audio settings until they achieve the desired sound quality. 

3. Improper Connection With Cable Or Bluetooth

One common issue with Onn Soundbar is improper connections with either a cable or Bluetooth device.

In this case, users should verify that the connections are secure and that the appropriate settings are enabled on both the soundbar and the connected device. 

How To Fix Issues Of Onn Soundbar?

If you’re having issues with your Onn soundbar, the first thing you should do is check the physical connections.

Make sure that all cables are securely plugged in and if there is any loose connection, try to reconnect them firmly. If the problem persists, try the methods below.

1. Check The Energy Saving Setting In Onn Soundbar

Users can check the energy-saving setting in the Onn soundbar to ensure that it is not turned off.

If the energy-saving setting is disabled, users will not be able to properly adjust the soundbar’s volume. To check the energy-saving setting-

  • Go to Soundbar settings.
  • Find Energy saving settings.
  • Turn the setting on.

2. Adjust The Volume And Power Setting In Onn Soundbar

After ensuring that the energy-saving setting is enabled, users can start by adjusting the volume and power setting in their Onn soundbar.

Users should make sure that their soundbar’s volume is correctly set for the connected device; this can be done by the mobile phone app, the Onn soundbar, and even the device it is connected to.

3. Check The Cable Connection Between The TV And Onn Soundbar

Once the power and volume settings are properly adjusted, users should check the cable connection between the TV and the Onn soundbar.

The cable must be securely connected to both the TV and soundbar otherwise users may experience issues such as a lack of sound or poor sound quality.

To ensure a secure connection, users should inspect the cable’s connectors for any damage and if necessary, replace it with a new cable. 

4. Check Bluetooth Connectivity

Additionally, users should ensure that their Onn soundbar is connected to their TV via Bluetooth.

If the soundbar is not connected, users should check the device’s Bluetooth settings to ensure that it is enabled and then pair it with the TV.

Once paired, users should test the connection by playing some audio and adjusting the volume to ensure that it is working correctly. 


What Is The Pairing Code For Onn Soundbar?

The pairing code for an Onn Soundbar is a six-digit code that is used to connect the soundbar to your TV or device. It is typically located on the back of the soundbar itself and is easy to locate.

How Does TV Recognize Onn Soundbar?

Once the pairing code is entered, the soundbar and your TV or device will automatically connect. Your TV will recognize it as an audio device, and you will be able to control the soundbar volume with the TV remote. The soundbar will also be displayed on your TV’s audio or output settings so that you can configure its sound settings.

How To Put Onn Soundbar in Pairing Mode?

To put your Onn soundbar into pairing mode, you will need to press and hold the “Pairing” or “Connect” button on the soundbar. The LED light on the soundbar should flash to indicate that it is in pairing mode. 

Can Onn Soundbar Connect To Any TV?

Generally, any TV with a Bluetooth connection or an audio output port can connect to an Onn soundbar. Before purchasing a soundbar, be sure to check the specifications of the product to ensure that it is compatible with your TV. Some soundbars may also offer additional ways to connect, such as Wi-Fi or an HDMI connection. 


In conclusion, Onn soundbars are a great way to enhance your home entertainment experience.

They provide quality sound and can be connected to almost any TV with a Bluetooth connection, audio output port, Wi-Fi connection, or HDMI connection.

Additionally, some of the Onn soundbars are specifically made for certain types of TVs. Before purchasing one, make sure that the soundbar is compatible with your TV to get the best possible experience.

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