How To Change Mouse Polling Rate

If your mouse is getting slow down or does not provide that much responsiveness, then this is because your mouse polling rate is low.

Mouse polling rate is referred to as how fast your mouse updates itself to the operating system, then this is very important to increase polling rate to get a more responsive mouse.

Changing the polling rate will provide accuracy and better responsiveness to your mouse.

In this article you will get all the ways step by step guide, where you can increase your mouse’s polling rate. 

What Is Mouse Polling Rate?

So the mouse polling is the concept where the mouse updates its position to the operating system, sometimes it is also known as report rate.

You can also connect this concept where the mouse sends its data of its current position to your computer.

So basically polling is measured in hertz.(where the number of time mouse repost for its position)

For example if your polling rate is 2000 Hz then it means your mouse updates its position to your computer 2000 times per seconds.

The earlier a mouse reports to the computer’s OS, it improves level of accuracy, which is important in fast-paced games.

Change Mouse Polling Rate

Windows fails to provide a particular way for figuring out the polling rate, leaving users with no choice but to utilise third-party software. The software displays the common polling rate between 125 Hz to  1000 Hz.

Basically there are two ways to change the polling rate that are listed below with detailed explanation. If you follow the way mentioned, it will help you to get the best solution.

Using Manufacture Software

Before going ahead you need to know that not every mouse brand is allowing you to change the polling rate.  

The specific brand of mouse provides their utility app from where you can change the mouse polling rate.

  • Razer Mouses
  • Logitech Mouses:
  • SteelSeries:
  • Corsair Mouses

These are the brands who provide their app. You can download and install the app from theri official websites.

For example in Razer Mouses,

  • Go to official website, download and install the Razer Synapse software.
  • Open this software, and select the mouse option.
  • from mouse option select the performance, and the polling rate,
  • From here you can change the desired mouse rate.

To measure the mouse polling rate you can use the below site.

  • Open your preferred browser and in the search bar type “”.
  • Click on the “Mouse Rate Test. Move your mouse and then on the screen the maximum and average polling rate will show.
  • From here you can check your mouse polling rate.

The methods are listed below from which you can change the mouse polling rate.

Using Software

So the first method to change the polling rate of your mouse is using a third party app or software. 

  • Open the preferred browser and download and install the software to change the polling rate.
  • In the browser search for the A.I power CAD Software, and open the first site.
  • On the top click on the option “basicsCAD”. This will show the download option for software. 
  • In power CAD software go to the setting, in setting select the option “Pointer Setting”.
  • In the pointer setting select the option “Report Rate”, from report rate select the polling rate which you want to set.

Using Keyboard

This is the second way to change the polling rate of the mouse. Here there is no need to install any software, only you have to use the buttons of your keyboard.

  • Disconnect the mouse and keep it for a few minutes.
  • To get the 125 Hz polling rate press the 4 and 5 button (don’t use the F4 and F5 key), hold on these two buttons and reconnect the mouse. (You need to hold on both buttons at the same time and plug the mouse.)
  • To change the polling rate at 5000 Hz, hold the button number 5 (don’t press the  function key F5). and while holding this button, reconnect the mouse.
  • And the last one wants to change the polling rate at 1000 Hz, then you need to hold the button 4 on the keyboard and then plug the mouse back.

Does Polling Rate Affect FPS?

First of all the FPS stands for (Frames Per Second) The answer for this question is NO, when it comes to gaming or graphics processing, polling rate has no direct impact on FPS . 

Polling rate describes how frequently a piece of hardware, like a mouse or keyboard, updates the computer on its state. 

It specifies how frequently the gadget updates its location or state and is typically measured in Hertz (Hz).


Is 125 Polling Rate Good For Gaming?

No, the polling rate 125 for gaming is not good enough.  So the solution is to change the polling rate from 5000 Hz to 1000Hz. The polling rate between 5000 to 1000 is best polling rate for gaming and also for other purposes.

Does Polling Rate Affect Aim?

Yes, the polling rate affects the aim. if your polling rate is higher, then it provides the more accurate and frequently updates of positions, gives the smoother cursor performance. 

A more polling rate gives your computer more frequent updates, resulting in smoother and more accurate aiming, which is advantageous in gaming scenarios that call for precision targeting.


Efficiency and accuracy are highly impacted by mouse polling rate, particularly while gaming.

Smoother targeting is made possible by a greater polling rate, which results in more frequent and accurate updates of your mouse’s movement. 

Although Windows doesn’t come with any built-in capabilities for polling rate adjustment, you can utilise third-party software or mouse-specific buttons. 

FPS isn’t directly impacted by polling rate, however it considerably improves aiming. 

The best speeds for enhanced gaming and overall mouse performance fall between 500Hz and 1000Hz.

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