PS4 Controller Won’t Turn Off

Problems such as the PS4 controller not switching on or going off regularly are usually the ones we hear about. The PS4 controller not shutting off, however, is highly unusual.

While discovering the cause of the issue may be difficult, it is evident that there is some sort of issue with the controller. 

Mainly this happens due to drained batteries, the long distance between the controller and the console, and any malfunctioning buttons of the controller.  

Here, we’ll go over several solutions to help you resolve the issue and some preventative measures to help you avoid running into this kind of difficulty again.

Why Won’t My PS4 Controller Turn Off Or Work?        

There are a few possible reasons we are listing here.

  • If the batteries used in the controller are drained of their full power, if this happens, it can be a reason why the PS4 controller won’t turn off or is not working.
  • The controller was already linked to another device, such as another PS4 or PC.
  • The controller and the console are connected through Bluetooth. The range of the Bluetooth connection is very limited. So if the controller is placed far away from the console, it might be out of range. Then it will not work properly.
  • If you use a micro USB cable to connect your controller and the console, which is having physical damage or is connected wrongly, it can prevent the proper working of the controller.
  • if one or more controller buttons are faulty or broken, then also it can affect the actual working of the controller.

Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Turn Off

Here are some fixes that can solve the problem.

Turn Off the Controller Using the PS4 Button

On your controller, there is a PS button. Holding down the “PS” button for ten to fifteen seconds is the quickest and most straightforward method of turning off your PS4 controller.

You can turn it off from the PlayStation dashboard:

  • The Quick Menu will appear after two seconds of pressing and holding the PS button.
  • Then select Sound/Devices > Turn off Device, and from the list select your controller.
  • The Quick Menu also allows you to program a time restriction for your controller to shut off automatically. Simply choose the option that says “After a period of ten minutes, After 30 minutes, or After 60 minutes” under “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off.”

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Reset Controller

There are mainly two types of resetting available. 

Soft Reset 

Here we need to refresh the connection between the controller and the console. But to carry out this process we need another controller.

  • Go into the PS4’s main menu and select Settings after logging in with your second (functional) controller. This is the option that has a suitcase-like appearance.
  • There is a drop-down box, from that, select the devices option.
  • Then choose the Bluetooth devices option.
  • Your PS4 controller should be mentioned. Because you are navigating the menu using the active controller, choose the inactive one.

Note: The active PS4 controller has a green dot, while the inactive PS4 controller does not. 

  • To the right of the touchpad on your controller, press the Options button. A new menu will appear as a result.
  • Hit on the forget device option.
  • We wish to turn off the PS4 now that we have forgotten our defective PS4 controller. You can accomplish this by pressing and holding the PS4 button on your controller and clicking Turn off PS4 under Power in the menu.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your faulty controller to the PS4.
  • After turning it on, observe as the PS4 boots up.
  • To log into the PS4, press the PlayStation button on the controller. After pairing the PlayStation 4 controller, you can check to see if the device is still acting abnormally.

Hard Reset 

Reverting a gadget to its factory default settings is known as a “hard reset,” as this is how it was originally configured.

  • Shut down the PS4.
  • Find the little hole next to the left shoulder button by turning over the DualShock 4 controller. 
  • To push the button that is hidden inside the hole, extend the tip of the paper clip and bury it.
  • Press this button for approximately five seconds.
  • Use a USB cord to link the controller to the PS4.
  • Once the PS4 is turned on, observe for it to boot up.
  • On the controller, press the PlayStation button to access the PS4. Once the DualShock 4 and the system are linked, the light bar will glow blue.

Buy Battery

Sometimes we need to replace the old battery with a new one. So buy a new battery. Before using the new one, you need to recharge it first.

Now check whether the controller is working properly or not.

Different Ways  To Turn Off PS4 Controller

There are three effective methods to turn off the controller.

PS Button

  • Find where on your controller the PS button is. Usually located near the bottom of the remote, in the center.
  • Hold down the PS button for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • When your controller’s light turns off, release the button. This means your controller is off.

Try the following technique if this fails for you or if keeping the button pressed for longer than fifteen seconds doesn’t accomplish anything.

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Using Quick Menu

  • Press the PS button for a minimum of 2 seconds, a quick menu will appear on the screen.
  • Hit on the option sound/devices.
  • Then click the turn off option followed by choosing your controller.

Go for the following technique if this doesn’t solve your problem.

Set Up an Automatic Timer

  • Press the PS button for a minimum of 2 seconds, a quick menu will appear on the screen.
  • Hit on the option sound/devices.
  • Click on the option Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off and you can choose a time limit like 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes.

Note: When you connect your controller via USB, this setting is not available.[1] When you select a time, your controller will begin to turn off after the amount of time you’ve chosen to be inactive.


If the PS4 controller is not turning off, that can affect the proper working of the controller. To avoid this kind of issue.

  • Always keep the controller and the console at a short distance.
  • Use a good-condition USB cable to connect the controller and the console.
  • Keep an eye on the controller to avoid malfunctioning of controller buttons by mistake.
  • Try to avoid turning on another controller or other Bluetooth devices near the working controller.

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